In the world of corporate enterprise, videos have emerged as an effective instrument of communication. Among all the instruments of expressing ideas to a targeted audience used to communicate effectively, videos have risen to prominence.

You can think of a video as the amalgamation of audio and moving images. The main content in video communication is the background audio that conveys the message through images. The audio can be a decent MP3 track fitting the given video. Else, it can be a voice recording relaying the desired message. Making a video requires time, and you need to have the right tools and possess the right skills.

The big question is what you can do when you are having an audio recording but do not have a video for it.

The simplest solution is to convert audio to video onlinein just a matter of a few minutes. You can use audio to video converter for different purposes. Through these tools, it will be possible for you to upload songs and music in video format. When compared to a simple MP3, videos are capable of generating more interest in different social platforms. Through this article, you will be introduced to an effective tool that you can use to convert audio to video online. We will be guiding you through simple steps and tips to get you started for the task ahead.

Using the Voice2V tool

Using the voice2v tool is quite simple if you wish to add audio to video. You can follow the steps mentioned below to convert audio to video online.

  1. Visit the website on your browser.
  2. You will be prompted to upload your audio file. Click on it and choose the audio track of your choice from your computer.
  3. Next, you will be asked to upload a background image. Once again, you can choose an image from your computer and upload it. You can choose to add a moving effect for your video. 
  4. If you do not have an image, you can choose the background from the site’s options. You can browse through them and select the best background that suits your audio.
  5. Next, you will be prompted to add a text or logo of your choice. If not required, you can skip this step and proceed by clicking the “Create the Video Now” button on the same page.
  6. It will take half a minute, and your video will be created with great audio quality playing in the background with the chosen effect.
  7. Next, you can download the video in your system or share it on Social Media platforms like Facebook.

You can see that if you wish toconvert audio to video online, the voice2v can make things simple. It is only a matter of a few minutes.  Moreover, it has other features that you may use for enhancing your video and other files.  You can also use the trimming feature by clicking here.

Some tips for converting audio to video

  1. You can keep in mind the following considerations during the process to convert audio to video online. Make sure that the video graphics do not distract the viewer from what you say.
  2. The visuals that you are adding must complement the audio that is playing the background.  You must ensure that the viewer can focus on what is being said or played.
  3. Use an mp3 of high audio quality. The music and the voice that you intend to provide have to be clear and coherent. There should not be any noise or glitches in the audio.
  4. On the offset that you are audio recording, you have to choose a soundproof and quiet place. It is important to use a high-quality microphone to retain the sound quality of what is being said. You can check the quality of your recording just by listening to yourself and making the changes necessary.
  5. The purpose of audio recording is to explain an idea or concept. You have to ensure that the video’s listener or viewer can easily follow the speech’s content. Hence, you must plan your speech before recording.
  6. Once you are done with the recording, keep in mind to edit the track and remove unwanted bits that are irrelevant to the viewer.  You must aim to communicate the maximum in the minimum of time.
  7. While you convert audio to video online, make sure that the visual graphics do not hamper your sound quality in any way.
  8. If you intend to use any external effect in the video image while using the voice2v mp3 to video converter make sure that it complements the audio tone. Else, it may prove to be distracting and fail to get the viewer’s attention.  Suppose the video that you are making deals with a serious issue. Under the given circumstances, it will not be apt to use firecrackers and stars on it. You must try to use some sober effect. On the other hand, if your video is meant for a happy occasion, such as for a birthday party, you may use some bright elements to make it jovial and appealing. 
  9. If you wish to be more interactive, then you can consider adding texts. Texts can serve you by communicating a message displayed in the video as your audio plays.
  10. If you wish to convert audio to video online to promote your brand, it will be a brilliant idea to use a logo for defining the brand’s nature. Being brand conscious helps get more viewers to you when compared to other videos.

Where can you use the video?

All the leading social media platforms have incorporated the feature of playing videos.  Instagram is a befitting platform for providing company exposure. Here, you can upload video posts and stories having a maximum playtime of one minute. You have to make sure that your video is short and to the point. There is no harm in having a funny clip, as it will result in better audience engagement.

On the other hand, on Facebook, it will be possible to upload longer videos. However, you should be careful not to lengthen the video clip keeping in mind the number of users. YouTube also permits you to make longer videos if you have your audio content on a popular subject. 

Keep in mind that the proper usage of SEO keywords is also important, and it will go a long way in determining the number of views you will get. When you convert audio to video online, you can use relevant hashtags allowing your video to get the maximum outreach across audiences interested in the subject of your video.

If you seek more professional exposure, then you can use LinkedIn. Here, the video playback is similar to Facebook. Both the platforms permit viewing minus the audio. Hence, you need to make sure that captions and texts are good enough to communicate your message.  

How to become a pro at image to video conversion

When it comes to creating slideshows, photo collages, and videos, voice2v can prove to be a versatile tool allowing you to convert audio to video online. It will be possible to add music and audio in your videos, along with logos, texts, and transition effects. The best thing is all of the value-adding features are free to use. 

With this tool’s help, you can develop yourself from an amateur to professional when there is a need to convert audio to video online. You can also perform other operations like developing a video from still images.

The good thing is it will be possible to use multiple images when you desire to make a video and incorporate audio into it. 

If you wish to convert mp3 to video, you can use this tool without finding yourself stuck.

When you want to post a video on a social media platform and make it interesting for viewers, you must use plenty of images for the purpose. Besides, you have to use texts that are eye-catching and relevant. Starting from scratch as you keep making more videos, you will certainly acquire decent knowledge of music and image compatibility. Through regular practice, you can attune your understanding of what kind of video will be working for a specific audience.


  1. How to add music to a video?

When it comes down to adding music in a video, voice2v is a useful tool to convert audio to video online. Just visit the website and click on the “add music to video” option on the top left panel. First, upload your video and then add an audio file into it.

  1. Is it possible to convert an audio file into a video?

Yes, it is possible to convert an audio file into a video. All you have to do is upload your MP3 file and manually handpick the background image and effect. The tool will make your video ready in just a matter of a few minutes.

  1. Which tool can help in converting audio to video online?

Through the help of the voice2v tool, you can convert audio to video onlinein just a few minutes.

  1. How long will it take to convert mp3 to video using voice2v?

It will take less than 60 seconds when it comes down to converting MP3 to video using the voice2v tool.                                                   


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