Many students are very ambitious and intend to migrate to different foreign countries for higher studies to achieve better career ahead.

But to stay abroad rather than in own country, it may be difficult to avail rental accommodation. The students may need to adopt some processes before they can hire rental accommodation. There are different types of student accommodation.

Sometimes, universities offer rent student accommodation.

Different types of student accommodation

The different categories of residence may include Uni-owned Halls of Residence. These halls may be built and owned by universities or colleges where the students can live in rooms for the term of study.

The privilege of the students is that they can select the accommodation very close to university. Sometimes, on-campus accommodation may also be available for students. The rental house can be selected in which city the student is studying. So, priority should be given on accommodation very close to college or university.

Shared apartments

When private owned halls offer accommodation to students with bare necessities, then it may be called Private Halls of Residence. Some extra facilities like Wi-Fi, TVs are offered by the owners to meet more than basic needs of students. These Halls may be costlier than uni-owned Halls.

Students can also avail shared apartments where one bedroom can be used with other two or three fellows in other bedrooms. Each student can share one bedroom in shared apartments. Here in this type of sharing kitchen and toilet will be common in features.

A studio may be provided only for students and here they can find peace and do some special work without any disturbances. A dual occupancy studio or apartments can be availed by students if it is applicable by providers. It obviously falls under en-suite apartments.  

In some cases, dual occupancy studio may be applicable for students and it is advantageous also. Extra modern facilities may be provided to students like stylish set up, gym, cinema rooms, convenient location etc. But, there are disadvantages also.

This type shared apartments with modern facilities will be costlier. But, students have to assess their own pockets before accepting of rent student accommodation.

Comparisons of different accommodation

On-campus accommodation and Private Halls of Residences are two major options for international students. They can also avail shared apartments with shared en-suite. Here, lifestyle will be little higher than on campus accommodation. In shared apartments, students can live with higher style of living with peace without many disturbances.

Students have to assess their affording limits on rent student accommodation and select the type ofaccommodation. There are major differences between on –campus accommodation and Private accommodation. University offered space does not require inserting much brain to maintain all features of accommodation.  

But, in private accommodation, in every step, students have to keep liaison with the owners for settlement of money or any other maintenance. On-campus accommodation is hassle free where shared apartments may be little tricky regarding marinating tie ups with owners properly to live in peace.

Sharing accommodation with private house

The main disadvantages of Private Halls of Residences over on-campus accommodation are that private accommodation is much more costly. But, private accommodation can offer extra facilities like gym, TV, games room, cinema room and stylish comfortable zone.

But, if it is affordable by students, they can lead stylish comfortable life at the cost of expenses. For shared apartments, en-suite apartments can be availed by students. One Private house can be availed for rent student accommodation.

Here, one whole private house can be taken on rent for four or five students’ accommodation. The few students share the whole house as per conveniences. They can use kitchen and cook their food on their own or by help of someone else. The whole house may hold multiple toilets.

They can live in the bedrooms as per choices. The students can live as per own freedom without any restrictions. Rent of whole house definitely will be higher. But, if the students accumulate money and can afford, they can live in peace without any monitoring on heads.

The students can regulate their activities as their own. Sharing of whole house on rent will be costlier. Still, freedom can be purchased with money.

Decision for which type of accommodation to be hired

Now, the question comes for every student in foreign study which type of accommodation should be accepted. The students have to look for the location as primary factor. The distance of university from the accommodation may be considered as primary factor.

If on-campus accommodation is available that is most suitable in all respect. Then, the students won’t have to look into any matter on accommodation. Cost also will be affordable in pockets. But, if few students together feel like to avail shared apartments, then that is also acceptable for rent student accommodation.

But, the decision has to be taken by thestudentsand cost has to be borne by them. Any single student can also accept shared apartments. The student has to share en-suite toilet with other unknown students.

Private Halls of Residence can be taken on hire for students’ accommodation. The space is owned by private people and the students have to abide by the rules of private owners. The cost may be higher than uni- owned campus.


Many students go abroad for higher studies to achieve bright career ahead. If the students get admission in desired universities, they have to search for accommodation to carry on studies.

Varieties of categories of accommodation are available for students. But, they have to decide which type of accommodation they can afford. Facilities in shared apartments are better than on-campus accommodation.

The students can avail Wi-Fi, televisions etc as extra facilities. The choice is upon student itself. The type of accommodation will depend on cost, affordability and comfortable living. The students have to select between comfort and rent.

Wise decision has to be taken by students depending on affordability and comfort living. Stylish and comfortable lifestyle can be achieved with shared apartments with higher rent.


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