Cooking is fun, but kitchen safety is a priority. While working in the kitchen, there are many pieces of accouterments and environmental hazards that can be extremely dangerous sometimes. So, protection from these hazardous pieces of equipment must be the priority. In this write-up, we will discuss all the safety measures that must be postdated by every kitchen.

Wear Shoes

Ever seen broken glass in the kitchen? Imagine the piece of broken glass going into your foot. Ouch! That’s painful to even when we think about that. Wearing shoes in the kitchen, that’s why highly recommended. Your shoes not only protect your foot from broken pieces of glass but also give you foot protection from other kitchen mishaps such as hot water and oil spills, slipping knives.

Learn How To Use Knives

Knives in your kitchen can cut you when they are dull or very sharp.

Dull knives can slip during cutting and can give you a severe cut, and very sharp knives can easily cut your skin. So, do follow some tips to prevent knives cut.

  • Make a secure cutting board
  • don’t use your hand palm as a cutting board
  • keep the tip of knives on the cutting board
  • keep your knives sharp
  • use caution with steak knives

Wear Aprons

The other critical thing that you must be wear in your kitchen is an Apron.

Aprons protect your body from hot water and oil spills and stains. You can also use your apron as a dishcloth as you’re not going to wash your hands whenever you touched something. Aprons for ladies, Childs, and aprons for men also available in the market in different styles. You can also buy oven mitts in different categories such as, simple oven mitts, funny oven mitts, text oven mitts, etc.

Have a Fire Extinguisher In Your Kitchen

Be sure to have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, and you must be know how to use it in the time need. Cooking is one of the foremost causes of fires and injuries that occur in our homes. There are an Estimated 164000 residential cooking fires in the United States each year. So, keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen.

Always Wash Your Hands

Don’t forget to wash your hands while before and after cooking. Try to use a decent towel or an apron to dry your hands. Washing your hands prevents many severe diseases that may occur due to germs.

“The NHS recommends that cooks wash their hands before handling food and especially after touching raw food.”

Avoid Setting a Hot Glass Dish On a cold Surface

It is a scientific tip for the kitchen. When the glass is too hot, it expands and shrinks when it gets cold, which causes stress resulting in the combustion of glass. So, the best place to set your glass at the trivet, cutting boards, or potholder.

Don’t Put Water on Cooking Fire

While cooking, try to avoid putting water on the fire that it could make the fire bigger. It can create damage resulting in a residential fire. If it happens, unfortunately, use the fire extinguisher immediately or make a call to rescue.

Keep Electrical Appliances Away From Water

Be sure, keep all electrical appliances away from water to avoid shocks.

Stay away from electrical sockets, especially when your hands are wet. It can give you a shock also can damage your body.

Off The Electric Appliances Before You Leave

When you finished your work in the kitchen make sure you have switched off all the electric appliances such as the oven, tea maker , etc. If you leave them without switching off, there is a fear of a short circuit that can create fire.

Regularly Check Temperatures

If you’re cooking something in the oven or making tea in a tea maker, keep checking temperatures regularly to make sure that the cooking food at its safe level. So, if you ignore the temperature check, the appliances can burn your food.


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