Are you a video games lover? Or are you finding a new creative game to keep your mind busy? You probably use some system or console to play on! If you are an Xbox or Play station player, you probably are familiar with ‘Minecraft’. Most of you have played it too! In case you are a beginner and wondering about items like rails. Then this article is for you. It contains all you need to know about this game, how to play it? What are rails? Why and how these are used in this game?

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a creative video game available at particular gaming platforms for genius minds. The player explores raw materials, tools, assets, and items to build structures like a simple home or a great castle based on the mode of the game. The game has two modes: a survival mode and a creative mode. Players can modify the game just how they like it.

How Do We Form Rails?

A player can collect these non-solid blocks through mining. Pickaxes are quicker in this as far as a tool is concerned in survival mode. But in the creative mode, the player creates 16 rails through six iron ingots and one stick. 

Let us take a look at the step by step procedure for its creation:

  • Open the crafting area (3-by-3 grid).
  • Put the iron ingots in the first and third columns.
  • Put the wooden stick in the central box of the crafting grid.
  • Click rails and grab them in your inventory.

Why there is A Need of Rails?

These rails are used by players to create railways or as Redstone components. Rails help the players to travel long distances because long distances can’t be covered by flying. So players need these rails in survival mode. In this mode, rails are used by players to travel in colonies. It gets them from workshops to mineshafts. A player can either find rails or can craft them. The track of the rails is a source of transportation of goods. Furthermore, a player also needs minecarts to travel on the railway.

What Are the Different Types of Rails in Minecraft?

Now you know enough about rails. Let us move on to the next thing related to it. They are the categories, kinds of these rails, and their usage. There are four types of rails in Minecraft:

Plain Rails

The most used rails are plain-rails. You can place them on slopes or flat grounds. These are made up of the basic materials required to make rails, like iron ingots and sticks.

Powered Rails

These are used to move the minecarts of the player alongside the rail. When a red stone is attached, and in the absence of the Redstone, it will stop the cart. These are for the automated railway system. A bundle of six powered rails has six gold ingots, one stick, and a Redstone.

Detector Rails

These kinds of rails are used for Redstone gadgets. As the mine cart passes over it, it either activates or deactivates the Redstone. All a player needs are six iron ingots, a stone pressure plate, and a Redstone to create six detector rails.

Activator Rails

This kind of rail is only helpful when connected to a Redstone. Otherwise, it just works like plain rail. When the minecart is filled with the TNT barrens, the activator rail will light it up.

All these types of rails are joined in a particular sequence to create a track.


Now you know why Minecraft is called a creative game. You have a good hold on to the concept of rails how they are formed and used in this game. Players love to play in the creative mode to test their artistic ideas. The idea of the red stone is puzzling. But once you put your hand over it, you will be able to cope up with all the features it can provide you by fitting into a rail creation process.


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