Almost every marriage starts with the determination and commitment to the clause “till death do us part”. But in reality, we seldom see couples that can fully dedicate their loyalty and devotion to a relationship for such a prolonged period. A majority of the blame might be one of the partners’ in the relationship, in some cases. In other cases, the circumstances might make it extremely difficult for the two people to continue to dedicate their loyalty to each other. 

Living in the pandemic, COVID and co-parenting has become particularly complicated when both parents have different ideas on how to approach a similar situation. Neither one wants to accept that the other person’s way of doing things might be right. Children too begin to choose favorites between their parents instead of loving each one equally. This can cause extreme complications in family dynamics. 

Apart from just parenting during Covid-19, there are two other major reasons as to why couples decide to part ways instead of maintaining the covenant of marriage. 

The Two Most Common Reasons For A Divorce

  1. Financial Issues:

Money is one of the basic reasons why couples get divorced in today’s economically fast-paced world. What used to be a good way to make money, might not be financially productive anymore in today’s modern society. One of the individuals in the marriage might have a habit of spending more than they can earn. Their partner might not want to support their financially extravagant habits any longer. 

In the last few years, we have seen everyone face a financial crunch. This includes highly qualified people as well as individuals with just a basic education. Hiring the best divorce attorney in orlando like Konicek Law is crucial to your case.

Love and money are some of the reasons why people sacrifice their needs for their partner’s needs. Some people might not want to trade-off their wants and desires any longer to fulfill someone else’s requests and wishes. 

  1. Unsatisfied Relationship

At the beginning of a marriage, both the man and woman are anxious to begin their life together. Even so, both the man and woman might have completely different expectations from their partner. One of the two might be sacrificing their compulsions from the relationship, in the hopes that one day things might be different. The problem might be intensified with the birth of a child. 

It is necessary for all couples to have open and healthy communication for the relationship to be successful. Express your expectations from your partner, instead of holding back. Listen to your partner’s needs and try to find a solution that works for both. Couples that do not find the time to talk to each other on a personal level will inevitably end up in a divorce. 

Key Insights

Living in the modern world, everything is changing at a very fast pace. Relationships also need to keep up-to-date with the new demands from these changes and their partner. On the contrary, it might be that your partner is cheating on you. You need to decide what your role will be in any relationship. 

It can be very easy to make an emotional spur-of-the-moment decision and regret it later. Make sure you know where you stand before you make any hasty decisions. It is not always wise to speak to a friend or confidant unless that person knows both the husband and wife. Always remember to make a decision that will be favorable for you in the long term.


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