If you would like to enhance the elegance of your home, at the same time adding more market value, you will want to take some extra time while putting together your sunroom design.

This is a space that will allow you to enjoy the wonders of the outdoors surrounding your home while also giving you additional room. A good sunroom can be a nice place for your family to gather, feel relaxed, recharge and have a nice space to spend time together.

Here is how you can easily plan it out.

The Design

Before sitting down with your contractor to start in on a design, you will need to decide on some sunroom specifics.

An important step is to take the time to glance over materials that you can find from local sunroom manufacturers.

Include other information such as the square total footage, the thickness and height of the walls, the width and the thickness of the insulated windows and all of the other specifics.

You should also be looking into the type of aluminum allow and wood that you would like to incorporate into your sunroom design.

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Once you have taken care of the technical specifications, you can let the sunroom design reflect your ideas for how you will be using the space.

Are you going to use it as a formal room where you can gather on special occasions, or will you use it for more of a casual space where anyone can go to kick back and relax?

If you have a large family including younger children, you are going to need a double space.

Or you have pets that will be in and out all day long, you will be better off with a design for your sunroom that can double as an additional play space.

Are you going for walls that will be made of glass, or will the sunroom design have knee panels where you can install some electrical outlets?

Will the design need to be adapted so that the sunroom can be put on top of a porch or deck that is already in place, or will you be using a separate foundation just for the sunroom?

You can select a conservatory design for your sunroom where the walls and the ceiling will both be made of glass. This sunroom design, however, will call for extra insulation and specialty glazing if it will be used all year long.

A termite inspection Santa Clara County based company also said sunrooms are also prone to termites especially when you employ plants in and outside, you need to do regular check up with exterminators.

The Budget

With a sunroom installation, you can expect to spend anywhere from $10,000 all the way up to $70,000 for a sunroom, so talk with your contractor to come up with a design that has as many of the aspects that you want while still sticking with your budget.

If you are able to put together a design where your sunroom is built onto your deck or your porch, you can end up saving a great deal of money by not having to grade the land and pouring a brand new foundation.

Selecting a design for a three season sunroom will also be a good way to save money, but it will leave your sunroom completely off limits for about three or four months out of the year if you live somewhere that gets cold winter weather.

The final sunroom design should be the result of smart planning and a good discussion with an expert in the field of sunroom construction.


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