The latest healthcare regulations have made medical billing a daunting process. Managing medical billing is as significant as handling patients, although it may seem burdensome. But despite the advancement and growing trend of outsourcing, the majority of the healthcare providers are still confused about the medical billing expectations vs. reality. For instance, certain misconceptions hold them back from outsourcing their entire revenue cycle management.

However, mistakes are likely to happen when novices manage the duties associated with the billing procedures. You may not be able to hire someone who specializes exclusively in billing when you have a small staff who are asked to wear a lot of hats.

In addition, you could be leaving money on the table due to costly errors when your staff isn’t up to date on all the latest billing changes. It opens your medical facility up to penalties, fines, or an audit.

At this point, this situation demands the need for a solution that can ensure a streamlined workflow of the billing process. Healthcare practices are trying to bridge the gap between medical billing expectations vs. reality. Eventually, outsourcing could be a cost-effective and reliable medical billing solution for your medical business.

Various healthcare professionals are tending to outsource their medical billing services to exceptionally embrace efficiency and higher productivity.

But still, practitioners have many misconceptions regarding outsourcing. The biggest misconception about medical billing outsourcing is its limitations and scope aside from quality or security concerns.

These myths can break the decision that outsourcing and leading practices can lose the opportunities and benefits of outsourcing. Therefore, it’s probably important to correct a few of the common myths out there about it before rejecting the idea.

See the Differeence_ Medical Billing Expectations vs. Reality

Unfortunately, many practices fail to counter the misconceptions they face about outsourcing and struggle with the dilemma of whether or not to take the advantage of these outsourced services.

While medical billing outsourcing solutions are changing the perceptions of the healthcare industry. So, here we will provide you with the big picture and take on the myths one by one.  

Automation vs. Manual Processing

Often practitioners think that their in-house department is capable of handling the medical billing process smoothly as compared to outsourcing. But the medical billing expectations vs. reality is different in most scenarios.

When you outsource medical billing services, billing experts stay updated with the latest billing and coding regulations. They possess vast industry experience and help you bring innovations to your existing IT frameworks. That’s why it does make a lot of sense to let the medical billing specialist manage the revenue-based tasks. 

Moreover, billing experts integrate efficient practice management and EHR/EMR systems. In this way, they automate the entire billing cycle efficiently and reduce the need to manually process all the billing processes.

So, medical care providers must understand the fact that the healthcare industry is continuously changing. They should be aware of the new norms of the market to keep their practice operations running suitably.

Outsourcing Won’t Save Time

The third-party medical billing teams only focus on medical billing and often submit claims faster than your manual billing department. They ensure that you don’t miss filing deadlines for appeals and also keep a follow-up on rejected or denied claims. There are more chances to get paid faster if the medical claims are submitted in a timely manner.

In addition to this, automation helps you to save your precious time so you can just focus on your patients. Moreover, this enables you to reduce your stress and focus on the core competencies of your healthcare business remarkably. 

Outsourcing Another Expense

Healthcare providers would rather handle all the tedious processes in-house as they think outsourcing will leave a huge dent in their wallets. Now, they hire extra employees and train them to get the billing done at the right time.

But when you outsource, you don’t need to hire extra staff as the billing teams have expert coders/billers who handle your tasks efficiently.

Practices expect outsourcing will cost them money but in reality, it can boost your revenue excellently. You don’t have to spend further purchasing technology, tools, upgrading system, infrastructure, office space, equipment, maintenance, etc.

Customized Financial Reporting

When a healthcare facility works with an accountable medical billing specialist. They witness the progress of their business via regular financial reporting and analytics.

Billing experts stay compliant with the HIPAA policies and protect your sensitive data from scams and fraudulent activities. They divide your duties and take your responsibilities by building up a rapport with your staff and share detailed, relevant reports of reimbursements/payments.

Can New Practices Outsource?

This is the most famous myth among the newest medical facilities. They thought they could go for outsourcing once they had established themselves. But the reality is that a new healthcare practice requires a flawless business system and collective coordination of hundreds of tasks.

If they try to execute the billing and revenue cycle management on their own it will cause a lot of friction in the practice. There is a huge difference when it comes to medical billing expectations vs. reality. By outsourcing medical billing services, you can focus on high-priority tasks like maintaining the reputation and managing medical care management. Medical billing professionals help brand new practices to generate revenue for their healthcare setups.

In addition to this, practitioners often think they will lose their grip on the whole system due to outsourcing. But it is exactly the opposite. By outsourcing, you stay connecting to the outsourced experts. They provide effective analytics so become able to stay in control and see the progress of your business effectively.


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