ED is spreading like fire among the youth mass of men. This is of course a sexual disorder as the genitals of men are affected by it. However, the reason for having the ailment in you is not at all a sexual issue, in most cases.

Almost all the reasons for having the ailment are different from your sexual processes and hence this is something that is turning out to be very much serious for the men’s world and for the society too.
When it is not that ED is spreading for the sexual anomaly in your body, then what are the issues that are making out the same in you? Here are some of the top agents that are making the men face this illness.

As you go through them, you will understand how much different ED is from the other sexual ailments. However, the good thing is that treatment for complete recovery is there for most cases of ED. The common drugs like Fildena or Cenforce 100 UK are however not effective for some sorts of ED, especially for the advanced effects of the same.

Reasons why you develop ED

Your lifestyle is highly responsible for the same

According to the doctors and the researchers, this is the thing that is given the most important as a reason to develop ED. They identify different things that are related to your lifestyle that causes ED in you. The things that they identify on the same occasion are as follows:

  • First of all the consumption of too much alcohol and cigarette are blamed the most. These two things store nicotine and sulfate over your veins and block the inner vein. Due to the same, they adduct the blood flow to your veins and you face ED since erection is caused for the blood accumulation there at the penis.
  • The second thing that is referred to here is related to the junk foods that you have. They on the other hand will be storing glucose and fat on the blood of yours. Naturally, the cholesterol level and the glucose level in your blood move up and that makes the blood of your density wise thicker. Following that the siphoning ability of the heart is also hampered and you face the nuisance of ED.
  • Your lifestyle also includes late-night sleep and huge gapping between your suppers. When you follow the same, the effect of the same is on the food habit of yours. There will be a disturbance in your enzyme secretions and even in the metabolic health of yours. The natural reflection of the same will be on your ED.
  • The fourth effect is a critical one. There are many, who from a young age, watch so many pornographic movies that now they have transformed the same to an addiction. Due to this addiction, your brain takes an assumption that you will need erection of your penis, while such similar scenes are visible before your eyes. In real life, this is not the condition and naturally, you face the redundancy in your erection, unless you watch such movies.

In the above cases, the Fildena 100 Mgor Cenforce 100 UK will hold good for recovery when the needful ifestyle event is rectified. But for the last case, there is only one solution – several meets with a psychiatrist.

Your health condition can also be a reason

It is not that the lifestyle issues are the only agents of ED. You can have nervous issues and can have heart weakness too, which might cause ED. Your heart cannot take a decision on its own.

The brain is the one who sends stimuli to the cardiac to go for some action. Hence, when your brain is not working properly or the nerves are failing to send the stimuli, your heart will not act properly.

On the other hand, if your heart is weak and is not ready to pump fast, the effect is the same always.

However, in these two cases, you are not recommended to have Fildena or Cenforce unless your doctor recommends the same. The meds put pressure on the heart and nerves a lot and hence the result can be the opposite for you.

Your stress is the most awkward reason for your ED

There is one final thing that is less talked by the researchers but is the ultimate villain behind the ailment of ED. That is your stress. Stress is something that will switch off the brain and channel it to the thing you are stressed form.

None other than that will get into it and not even the sensuality. As a result of that, the effect of the same will be on your erection. Here also the FildenaorCenforcewill not do any difference. Your doctor is the only person to suggest the right way of recovery when the condition is like this. At Arrowmeds online pharmacy store, you can get advanced detail about it.


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