Playing video games has become a big part of our daily lives. However, the games are continuously improving over the years, from low-quality graphic animations to a more realistic approach. It’s proof that the games are evolving, and will continuously evolve through the years.

There are many different genres when it comes to video games. There are the Fantasy games, the MMORPG, Action Games, and so much more. No matter what, there’s always a game for you, the only thing you have to do is find it. And what better way to help you in your search than listing the best pc games to play in 2020.


Overwatch has no solid story to it; however, the game has a solid background to the story and its characters. The game is set 60 years into the future on the planet Earth that’s a bit more fictionalized. At that point, the human race has reached the point where developments of technology had prospered.

Overwatch’s gameplay is set in a single map where it consists of two different teams, each with six players. There are three types of classes to use; the damage type, the support, and the tank characters. Each of the characters available in the game has unique skills and abilities. The first team who gets the most points wins the match.

Apex Legends

If you’re familiar with Titanfall, this game is set in that game’s design. The whole storyline of Apex Legends is set after the events of Titanfall 2, but it now has playable characters that battle for the turf in The Outlands. The overall gameplay is combat heavy, being that it’s a battle royal type of game.

The game retains all the available elements from the Titanfall series. For instance, the amazing ability to jump over walls, sliding over elevated surfaces, or traveling quickly using zip-lines. Moreover, the players who get killed during the match can be revived by a teammate. Like all battle royals, the last man standing in the game wins.

Rainbow Six Siege

The game’s design is set after the Rainbow Program’s deactivation, as there seems to be a reappearance in terrorist activities. The game comes with different operators or characters that are playable. Each of the characters is unique that varies in gadgets, equipment, and weapons. The overall gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege is similar to CounterStrike.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Developed by Rockstar Games, the same creator of the famous Grand Theft Auto franchise, this is the third segment to the original Red Dead franchise. Despite having the number ‘2’ in the title, the game is a prequel. Set in 1899 as it tells a story of one Arthur Morgan, a member of the Van Der Linde Gang.

Devil May Cry 5

The whole story of this segment takes place four years after the events of Devil May Cry 4. With Nero as a new protagonist, the game follows the story of the original character named Dante. The whole storyline revolves around a Demon King named Urizen, who vows to destroy the entire human world.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The game is an action-packed game that takes place five years after the original storyline of Star Wars: Episode II: Revenge of The Sith. As the galaxy’s new hope, the Jedi named Padawan Cal Kestis is hiding in the Bracca planet since Emperor Palpatine ordered the execution of Order 66. The story begins when the protagonist was saved from certain death using the Force.


There’s a great deal of variety in the PC game market. Many games may be perfect for them, but there are also others that don’t seem to be their preference. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you enjoyed whatever game you’re playing. More importantly, gaming connects people, as it also builds unexpected friendships.


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