Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel Engaged

Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel

Natalie Herbick is one of the most popular hosts and TV personalities, loved by viewers. She has been co-anchoring ‘New Day Cleveland’ on Fox 8 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her show focuses on human interest, criminal, and political stories. Her admirers and viewers want to know about Natalie’s life and whether she is dating anyone. Recently, people started wondering if Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel are engaged. This article covers all details about Natalie Herbick’s life and her relationships.

Who is Natalie Herbick?

Natalie Herbick is a popular journalist and television personality, born on December 31, 1983, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn, and she will be turning 40 this year. Herbick’s mother’s name was Lisa Ann Herbick, who later passed away because of cancer. Moreover, she had two siblings, Lauren Herbick and Goey Herbick.

She has a mixed ethnic background comprising Southern, Eastern European, and Irish ethnicity. However, she holds American nationality. Natalie received her education in communication and journalism at the University of Pittsburgh.

Before we jump to the big question, are Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel engaged, here’s a sneak peek into her career:

Natalie Herbick Career

Herbick started her journalism career after obtaining her degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Initially, she interned at CBS Pittsburgh for a full-time news anchor position. Later, she became a part of the Stealers Saturday Night on CBS. Afterward, she moved to Ohio and worked at WTOV9-TV station. Next, she joined Fox 8 Cleveland, where she covers political news.

Natalie Herbick gained popularity after covering the Steubenville teen rape case. The incident took place in Ohio, where a teenage girl was sexually assaulted by her classmates. The way Herbick covered the story brought her to the limelight.

Are Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel Engaged?

Despite people wondering, “Are Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel married? They are not married or engaged. They are friendly colleagues and work in the same office. But they are not in a relationship.

Natalie is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Scott, who lives in Cleveland. She revealed her secret boyfriend in 2020 through an Instagram post on Valentine’s Day.

Previously, she had wished Gabe Spiegel on Valentine’s Day, leading to confusion regarding their relationship status. Thus, many people thought they were engaged and soon getting married.

Natalie Herbick Net Worth

Natalie Herbick net worth is around $1.5 million as of 2023. She has earned her income through her television and journalism career. She makes approximately $65,000 annually through her TV show.

The Bottom Line

Natalie Herbick is one of the most widely appreciated television personalities and journalists. She started her career after receiving her degree in journalism and communication from the University of Pittsburgh. She stepped into the news world through internships and later joined Fox 8 as the co-anchor of ‘New Day Cleveland.’ Viewers and her admirers often wonder if Natalie Herbick and Gabe Spiegel are engaged. Natalie is not engaged to Gabe. Instead, she is believed to be in a relationship with Scott.


Is Natalie Leaving Fox 8?

No, Natalie Herbick is not leaving Fox 8. She joined Fox 8 in 2013 and has been hosting ‘New Day Cleveland’ for a long time now. Previously, Gabe Spiegel co-hosted the show, but now David Moss accompanies Natalie.

Did Gabe Spiegel leave FOX 8 News?

Gabe Spiegel left Fox 8 in 2015 after being a part of the channel for three and a half years. He signed off from his show to move to Columbus with his children.

What’s going on with Natalie Herbick?

Natalie Herbick was diagnosed in January and underwent reconstructive surgery. She had been away from her show for some time and returned in June. She was happy to return and said, “I feel great.”

How much do Fox 8 Cleveland news anchors make?

Fox 8 pays between $35,741 and $56,626 to its morning news anchors, with an average salary of $43,952.

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