As the spread of COVID-19 increases, the need to use masks for protection from air pollutants is increasing simultaneously. Markets are getting flooded with masks, even the big designer houses have too started their work to create fashionable and trendy masks to go with. Where the masks are making its way to the markets with every possible way, design, and innovative style and design. The experts over the globe have found a better substitute for these fabric masks. 

Where usual masks are made of fabric and are hold with elastic bands to ensure they do not fall off, now we also have masks, which are made of transparent, soft, comfortable transparent material and are known as nose filter mask or you can also call it an invisible pollution mask or maybe nasal filters as well. The concept of these masks is totally new to the world, yet much better and safe. 

These nose filter masks are claimed to have better work efficacy and are also said to perform their function properly. Also, the best thing about using these invisible pollution masks is that they are discreet to use and no one can identify that you are using it. One has to fit these filters in between your nostrils, and that’s it you are good to go. 

How does these nose filter masks work?

These filters come with the description of placing them in between your nasal passage. That’s all you have to do in order to make them work. These filters when placed between your nostrils, making sure you inhale pure and dust-free air. They make sure no harmful pollutants or allergic particles make their way to your immune system. The usage description of these invisible pollution masks guarantees to safeguard their users at every cost.

Also, it has been observed that their efficacy to work well is because of its design and material used to form it. An experiment was observed to find out how well these nasal filters work and it was found that they keep almost 99.9% of dust particles and harmful air pollutants far away from you. 

You can use them as many times as possible, as they are washable and way to use and carry as well. Also, users have claimed that they are able to use these invisible pollution masks anywhere and while performing any task, they do not cause any sort of uncomfortable sense at all.

Uses of nasal filters 

Well, the most and very obvious use of these filters are to provide a shield from air pollutants, which risk our health. But the usage facts of these invisible filters do not limit just till here, they are also the best alternative of allergic medication, as they make sure to keep away allergic particles too far. Nowadays, doctors refer these nasal filters mostly to their patients, because they are well aware of the fact that they are better at their work, and also by using these safety devices their patients are less prone to allergies.


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