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Mike Tindall is known to be one of the best rugby players in the United Kingdom and also a member of the British royal family. He appeared in 75 matches for the England team during his 17-year career as a rugby player. He was part of England’s international rugby team that won the 2003 World Cup and the 2003 Six Nations Championship. From 2000 to 2011, he participated in 11 Six Nations Championship games. Tindall faced a major injury during the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Tindall married the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne. Tindall has a massive net worth of approximately 16 million pounds. While his wife has a net worth of 14.4 million pounds. Mike Tindall earned this great fortune through his various partnership deals with brands and his successful rugby career.

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Early Life

Michael James Tindall is the son of Philip “Phil” Tindall and Linda. His father was a banker in Barclays while his mother was a social worker. Tindall was born on 18th October 1978 in Otley, West Yorkshire. His maternal ancestors included stonemasons, bootmakers, and weavers. While his paternal great-grandfather was a landowner who owned 105 acres of land at Fairburn, North Yorkshire and his grandson, Arthur Sutcliffe Tindall used to be a blacksmith.

While Mike’s father was the captain of the Otley Rugby Union Football Club, he attended a public school, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Wakefield. While studying at this school he earned money by working in a fish and chip van. Then later he enrolled himself at Durham University.

Personal Life

Mike met his better half, Zara Phillips at the 2003 Rugby World Cup that was happening in Australia. Zara is the daughter of Princess Royal, Anne, and Captain Mark Phillips. The Queen gave her consent for their marriage at the Privy Council meeting on 10th May 2011. The couple had their wedding at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh on 30th July 2011. Tindall and Zara have three children together named Mia Grace Tindall, Lena Elizabeth Tindall, and Lucas Philip Tindall.


Mike Tindall had a great 17-year career as a rugby player and coach and apart from that he was also involved in several other endorsements including a Tv series and several partnership deals with different brands.

Rugby Career

Tindall began his career by playing rugby at Bath in 1997 when he was only 18 years old. He used to play at both the country level as well as at club level. He started his career in the England team in 2000 while playing against Ireland. He received some criticism from Will Carling and Stuart Barnes but despite that, he maintained the outside center position during the 2003 Rugby World Cup. He was dropped from the semi-final however he was reinstated for the final of the 2003 World Cup that England won.

Due to a foot injury, Tindall did not appear in the 2005 Six Nations. He was declared unfit to attend the tour to New Zealand for the British & Irish Lions. He finally regained his fitness and made a comeback in 2005. He faced another injury in April 2007 when he broke his leg while playing against Newcastle Falcons in the Guinness Premiership. In June 2012 Mike signed a contract to be a player and backs coach at Gloucester. He officially announced his retirement from rugby on 15th July 2014.

Other Endorsements

Mike Tindall and his wife, Zara Tindall both were actively involved in plenty of partnership deals with some well-known brands. The most famous brands with which the couple has collaborated are Rolex and Land Rover. His wife signed a deal with an outdoor brand Musto that is believed to be worth 570,000 pounds.

Mike also appeared in some TV series. The most popular appearance is in the reality TV show, ‘’I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!!!’’ He made two other appearances on the shows, ‘’Bear Grylls: Mission Survive’’ and ‘’The Jump.’’ Apart from that he also hosted a podcast with James Haskell and Alex Payne, called the ‘’House of Rugby.’’ In August 2020, he launched another podcast with them with the name ‘’ The Good, The Bad & The Rugby.’’

Net Worth and Earnings

Mike Tindall has a net worth of 16 million pounds as of 2023, making him the 4th richest rugby player in the United Kingdom. Before retiring in 2014, Mike used to earn £325,300 from his rugby career. Mika and his wife, Zara are known to earn approximately 1 million pounds each year through their endorsement deals. Their partnership deals with Land Rover earned them 230,000 pounds and their deal with Rolex earned them 115,000 pounds. Apart from his rugby career and partnership deals with brands, Mike was also featured in ‘’ I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Jungle,’’ a reality TV show that earned him 150,000 pounds approximately.


Mike Tindall is a famous former rugby player and a member of the British royal family. He was married to Zara Phillips, the daughter of Anne, Princess Royal. He was part of the 2003 Rugby World Cup that England won. He and his wife had many partnership deals with famous brands including Land Rover and Rolex. Mike was also featured in TV shows including ”I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!!!

Mike has amassed a net worth of €16 million. His rugby career, endorsement deals with brands, and appearances in TV shows contribute to his massive fortune.

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