Identity theft has grown in every industry including the medical industry. People steal other people’s identity to get their hands on drugs or to use their medical insurance. This is why medication identifiers are important to perform. Medication identifier is the process of identity verification of the patient so that the patient can get the intended treatment and the drugs cannot be accessed by the fraudsters.

Identity theft in the Medical Industry:

Criminals are manipulating the system and getting access to the personal information of the patients. They can use this information to take part in fraudulent activities like using false prescriptions to get drugs or stealing their insurance to get illegally treated.

Identity theft in the medical industry is a growing issue. In 2018, 15.1 million patient’s records were compromised. There was an increase of about 70% than the year before. More than 30 billion worth of losses has been faced by the medical industry each year due to identity theft. Even patients have to face financial loss as they also have to pay about $13,500 to solve this problem. Even in 2014, around 9 million health records were compromised. By 2015, this number increased ten times. In 2016 alone, approximately one in three health records were breached.

Why Do People Steal Medical Identity:

● To get free treatment

Medical treatment can be very expensive, especially in countries like the US or UK. People have to get medical insurance to get treated or otherwise they will not be able to afford their medical treatments. Some people steal other people’s medical insurance to get treated under their names. This way they get free treatment and the person whose identity is being stolen will have to face the consequences of the payment.

● Prescription of the drugs

Drug addicts can use the identity of someone to get the prescription of the drugs. Even underage children can use someone else’s identity to take the harmful drugs which might lead to long-term drug addiction.

Know Your Patient:

KYP, Know Your Patient is the process of recording the personal information of the patient and then using that information in patient identification. There is AI-based software that can automatically verify the identity of the patient. It is done to verify if the patient is who they claim to be. This software can be used by integrating with the app or website of the hospitals.

The patient is required to submit their ID document along with their selfie. Then these Id documents are matched and screened with the previously submitted data extracted through OCR. The date of birth of the patient is also used for age verification purposes. The face of the person is also used to match with the given ID document to make sure if there is no identity theft occurring. Face verification can also be used in biometric authentication which can make the process more secure and less time-consuming.

Patient Identifiers could be

  • ID documents
  • Driver’s license
  • Name of the patient
  • Phone number of the patient
  • Address of the patient
  • Social Security number
  • Picture of the patient
  • Assigned Medical number

Importance of medication identifier

Due to medication identifiers, hospitals or insurance companies do not have to face penalties and permanent closure. They do not have to face the loss of money and the hospitals can keep their good reputation.

The patients can be secure. Their identity would not be used in criminal activities. They do not have to face the life-threatening consequences of altered medical records along with paying for fraudsters treatment. Underage children would not be able to get their hands on harmful drugs.


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