Mazda Timing Belt Replacement Cost – All Models

Mazda Car

The timing belt is a very important part of a car engine. It is a rubber belt that controls and manages the timing of the internal combustion engine. Most people confuse with drive belt vs serpentine belt. Both are different as drive plays a fundamental role in the smooth running of a car engine.

The engine of a car has two important and foremost parts known as “camshaft” and “crankshaft”.

The timing belt makes a bond and synchronization between the camshaft and crankshaft ensuring the proper timing and working of the engine.

Timing Belt is costly because of its leading role

  • The opening and closing of valves (controlled by camshaft) helps in intake of air into the engine which results in combustion of fuel and production of energy all of this happened in right time, due to incorrect timing engine gets limited air intake and copout ability to burn fuel.
  • Without timing belt rotation of valves and piston (controlled by crankshaft) disturbed and both of them collide with each other.

However, Drive Belt or Chain is just like the backbone of a car’s engine. With a faulty timing belt car jolts and stops.

Working of a Timing Belt

Rubber belt controlling the opening and closing of engine valves by turning camshaft & crankshaft on accurate speed, drive belt should always be at the right level of tension with timing belt tensioner. As tension is action reaction pair of forces due to these forces if it is loose valves opens at the wrong time and being battered by the pistons as a reaction force.

If the belt is too tight it put a strain on cog bearings. So, the tension is maintained by tensioner pulleys.

Similarly in the timing belt, the piston controlled by the crankshaft moves downward and the valves at the right moment open to intake air and enter the fuel into the cylinder/engine which in turn helps in the production of energy and combustion of fuel. Due to the proper working of the timing belt the engine works smoothly.

SYMPTOMS of Malfunctioning  Timing Belt

There is no warning that the timing belt becomes defective the car running smoothly stops at the next moment. If your timing belt broke on the road, it can result in danger i.e., a big accident or engine rebuild. These bad belt symptoms can help you to analyze either to replace instantly or wait for some more miles.

Timing Belt Teeth Failure

The teeth of the timing belt which grips the gear as they are rotating various engine parts become defective the timing belt starts to slip away from the gears teeth fall directly onto the gears and camshaft timing ends.

Oil Pressure Decline

The timing belt spins the gears of the camshaft. If the belt stop working the pieces of the camshaft break, these pieces fall into the vehicle’s oil pan which results in a drop of oil pressure in the bottom of the engine, it results in engine failure.

Damaged Valves and Piston

The most inferior symptom of the bad belts is when synchronization of valves and pistons remain no more both of them colliding with each other. Valves bend as a result belt breaks.

  • Smoke from the engine
  • In the top of the cylinder there are two holes the opening and closing of holes is also connected with the rotation of camshaft. if timing belt become out of order. This results in lot of smoke coming out from car’s exhaust system.

Timing Belt Replacement Cost

It is good to replace the belt if it works according to recommended replacement interval and ensures that your Mazda remains in good running condition. Failure in timing belt results in failure of the engine also which is very expensive. The cost to replace the timing belt for Mazda ranges from $200 to $750.

Mitsubishi Car

Labor costs are estimated between $193 and $356 without taxes. Selecting and Buying Timing Belt can be a problem, various online stores can deliver you to doorstep. The belt Replacement method involves Removing of timing belt cover, Tensioner & Pulley to install a new belt and fixing those parts back. You can either do at home or find a mechanic for the job.

If you are going to try it at home – find the right size belt before buying. Check owner manual.

Min $
Max $
Mazda 121
Mazda 323
mazda 626
Mazda B Series
Mazda BT-50
Mazda Demio
Mazda E Series
Mazda Mazda 2
Mazda Mazda 3
Mazda Mazda 5
Mazda Mazda 6
Mazda MPV
Mazda MX-3
Mazda MX-5
Mazda Premacy
Mazda Xredos 6
Mazda Xedos 9

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