Every year, MOT testers do over 30 million MOT tests across Great Britain, which was one of the main reasons why it was so shocking that 10 million of these vehicles failed the MOT tests when it upgraded at the beginning of 2018. 

Multiple players work on improving the standards of those tests, whether it’s DVSA, MOT managers, MOT testers, or trade associations. The main priority of the DVSA’s is to help everyone keep their vehicle safe to drive. The tests check for roadworthiness, safety and vehicle emissions to make sure that other than being safe for the person driving the car, they are safe for others around and the environment.

To make sure they conduct the tests properly, the DVSA is putting together a team to review and access every vehicle testing station. They want to make sure that the testing stations are as thorough as they can be, so vehicles are tested well, given a proper review, and accordingly allowed to ply on the streets. They will also go through their potential risk of non-compliance with the MOT testing service requirements.

The DVSA will calculate the rating that the VTS receive through various checks and tests at their end. They do this based on past experiences with the VTS and the information that they gather from previous MOT tests conducted. They additionally go through computers to collect information such as:

  • Time, taken to complete tests
  • The tests a tester carries out
  • The results of tests

The detail of how this information is calculated, changes over time, as and when new information is known. It would also improve based on the identification of new information and trends to work toward making sure poor testers can’t manipulate data to make themselves appear good. It allows for the targetting of enforcement action at the minority of testers and testing stations, who are either persistently poor-performing or deliberately not following the standards.

The main aim of these tests is to make sure the vehicles being reviewed and getting out of the system are properly and thoroughly tested. Many that cannot be roadworthy have their MOT licences which were quite puzzling. Furthermore, the MOT tests were delayed because of the Coronavirus were brought back on the 1st of August, since there were too many vehicles marked ‘dangerous’ on the road.

Getting an MOT test whenever needed is quite easy, and people can even ​book MOT online ​if they want to get one and do not want to wait for it. Currently, there is a bit of a backlog with the MOT tests since many vehicles received the default delay by six months, and with the UK allowing people to get tested, it makes sense that they would do that. Furthermore, even in June, while the MOT delay was in force, almost 1.3 million vehicles across the UK registered and cleared the test. People can also choose to go to the garage to book MOT to​ if they want.  


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