Millions of youth are huge fans of football. These sports enthusiasts love collecting the football items such as football-curated coffee mugs, t-shirts, keychains, coasters, wrist bands, and much more. Nowadays, personalized football cards are setting the trend amongst the lovers of this crazy game.

Moreover, FIFA cards can be an incredible gift for someone who is fond of this game. What matters is how genuine yet professional your card looks. This is an ultimate guide that helps you make your own FIFA card that looks real and get all your interest in it.

What you will Learn After Reading the Post

  • What do you Mean by Customized FIFA cards?
  • Which Background will Make Your Card Look Sport-Spirited?
  • What are the Standards for Uploading the Perfect Photo?
  • Which Stats Should You Not Miss Creating the Card?

What do you mean by Customized FIFA Cards?

Just like other services and products, one can opt for tailored football cards. Custom service allows individuals to get the designs and all elements as per their desires. Hence, offer higher satisfaction as the FIFA card creator uses the ideas of the football fans.

Which Background will Make your Card Look Sport-Spirited?

Over thousands of backgrounds, you can explore to create your own FIFA card. However, choosing one design out of so many ends up with immense confusion sometimes. Don’t worry; this post will provide you with a convenient escape that helps you decide the design easily and appropriately (that connects with a football card).

Let’s have a Quick Rundown of Pre-Eminent Backgrounds

  • White and Golden Background

One of the fascinating backgrounds is white and golden. This would be a perfect background for all generations.

  • Shiny Gold

If you desire something minimal and attractive, then the bright golden background is what you shouldn’t overlook. Furthermore, it’s one of the classic backgrounds selected by many football fans.

man holding hand in football
  • Dark Blue

Another fabulous pick is the dark blue hue. It’s recommended for young football fans aiming for a big size personalized card. In addition, it looks thrilling when placed on the table or hung on the wall.

What are the Standards for Uploading the Perfect Photo?

Don’t estimate the picture and name used in the card. These two ingredients of the card either will make the card look real or vice-versa.

When it comes to a name, make sure it’s the first name. On the other hand, make sure to use the original photo. Follow the below pointers that can help you use the right picture:

  • As mentioned above, be certain to use a high-quality picture. Make sure you are not sending the picture on WhatsApp to the designer. Better to send an email as it will not ruin the pixels of the image.
  • Next, be sure about the head and shoulder. Both should be clearly visible, and the picture must look realistic.
  • The background of the picture must be plain. You can also make the background blur to have a prominent focus on the picture.

Which Stats Should you not Miss Creating the Card?

Many have raised the question of how to make your own FIFA card that looks real? Along with the above facts, also be careful when choosing stats. Below are some key stats that shows the rating of a player’s skills:


These are some considerations that you should keep in mind to make your FIFA card look authentic and unforgettable.

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