Throughout the world, women routinely face discrimination in both their personal and professional lives. However, philanthropist Joey Horn is trying to do her part to advocate for gender equality by donating to charitable groups that seek to empower women. She also uses her name and financial resources to help children and families overcome the challenges poverty can cause. 

Horn Has Played a Significant Role in Ending AIDS in Africa

Joey Horn has long been associated with the international aid group Mothers2Mothers. The group hires women throughout the continent of Africa who currently have HIV to serve as mentors for others in their communities. Through this program, communities have greater access to information and medical supplies that are needed to help combat the spread of this disease. The individuals who serve as mentors benefit because they have a stable income and can help others rise above their current social and economic situations. 

Everyone Should Have the Right to Speak Out

Horn believes that everyone should have the right to speak or otherwise express themselves freely. She has given money to various organizations throughout the globe that provide opportunities for women to use art and music to make their voices heard. Studies have found that those who are allowed to freely share their views tend to be more confident and at a lower risk of mental or physical health problems. Children who have access to art, music or other creative outlets have a greater chance of being successful adults. 

About Joey Horn

Joey Horn has lived in New York City and various other locations throughout the world. She graduated from Williams College in 1987 and got an MBA from Yale in 1991. After graduating from Yale, Horn worked for a variety of companies such as HQ Norden Securities and Oak Management. 


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