Jaguar Timing Belt | Chain Replacement Cost – All Models

Jaguar Car

The timing belt is a vital part of a car’s inner workings, as it helps keep the most important components in a car’s engine moving in perfect synchronization. The timing system of a timing belt helps ensure smooth running and is a critical aspect of every car’s powertrain. It’s important for the car’s owner that must follow the manufacturer’s scheduled replacement intervals for both timing belts and timing chains. A timing Belt is usually a toothed belt, and a timing chain is a roller chain.

The timing belt is a rubber belt located in the engine compartment behind the timing cover. The timing belt looks almost like a large thick rubber band. It is made of a strong rubber material and is covered with teeth on the inside. The teeth or serrations ensure that the belt is held on the gear. The timing belt runs by a series of pulleys that have belt tensioners in place. Most automobile manufacturers also recommend that must replace the water pump at this time as well.

Timing Belt Working in Car

The timing belt works to turn the camshaft pulley in conjunction with the crankshaft pulley. The crankshaft is used to convert power from a piston to rational energy. The camshaft is a control device. The gears directly drive the camshaft, and as part of an internal combustion engine, you will have either a timing belt or timing chain performing that task. The timing belt synchronizes the crankshaft’s rotation with the engine valves, allowing them to open and close at the correct times during the air intake and exhaust stroke.

Bad Timing Belt Symptoms

Here are Common timing belt symptoms that should be looked out for:

  • Unusual creak coming from the timing cover area.
  • Rough Idling of the Engine
  • Misfire of the Engine
  • Smoke from the Engine
  • Oil Pressure Decline
  • Pistons or Valves that Are Broken

Timing Belt Cost for JAGUAR Cars

Parts are priced between $66 and $67 although labor costs are priced between $220 and $278. An estimate does not require taxes and fees. In case, you think to save your money by delaying replacement and if your timing belt broke on the road – It can result in an accident or engine rebuild. Being Experts; we totally agree belt replacement cost is high but you have to.

Timing Belt Needs to be Replaced

Timing belts must be replaced as in perfectly scheduled maintenance, the average timing belt replacement takes place between 60,000 and 105,000 miles and it depends on the timing belt service interval described by any automobile manufacturer. With our guide on timing belt replacement; you would be able to replace it at home and save labor costs. If you are still not sure to do so, This guide on mechanic selection for belt replacement may help you to find the right one.

Going to the mechanic? always ask him for the belt brand he is replacing and check belt reviews before buying.

Min $
Max $
Jaguar S-Type
Jaguar XF
Jaguar XJ6
Jaguar XJ8
Jaguar XJR
Jaguar XJ Series
Jaguar XK8
Jaguar XKR
Jaguar X-Type

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