Michael Strahan is an ex-footballer who decided to pursue his career in the screens in the homes. Soon he got recognition as an anchor on the TV. The anchor played almost for a decade in the NFL defensive end, with the New York Giants. But he knew he has to make the way through his television career, and so he did. He had a successful career overall. Be it be a football career or the television career. 

The people greeted him affectionately as an anchor in the shows. Two of his most remarkable TV shows are Good Morning America and Live! With Kelly and Michael. He played his role as a co-host in both of these shows. He knew how to make the way to the hearts of the people.

Off-screen Life of the Anchor

The former footballer has been quite secretive about his personal life and does not speak much about it when his sweetheart live is discussed. But, what are we here for? It is not a tough row to hoe, when you are many things at a time including the people’s ideal. After being married twice in a row and three times being engaged, the footballer cum news anchor had been the hot topic for his relationship life. Let us get a peek into his life.

Is Michael Strahan Still Married

No, he is not married currently. He had been married firstly to Wanda Hutchins, who was an interior designer by her profession. They both got married in 1992 and had their first baby, a daughter, before marriage. Her name is Tanita Strahan. Then they had their first baby boy a year later, Michael Strahan Jr. He said that he felt more mature and responsible after having children at such a young age. 

His second marriage was with Jean Muggli, with whom he has his two twin daughters named Sophia Strahan & Isabella Strahan. 

So he has four children in total. Three of them are girls, and one is a boy. 

Is Michael Strahan in a Relationship?

There is no update publicly, but Michal Strahan is seen with Kayla Quick oftentimes. She is a waitress and stripper who appears to be 20 years younger than our star. At first, she faced a lot of negative responses from the audience due to her record of crimes. The crimes involved higgledy-piggledy conduct and some significant theft. But, they knew the saying Private Life is a Happy Life. It appears that they started their relationship around 2015 and are still found together with handfuls. It seems they are really relishing each other’s company and will go a long way together. 

So yes, he shared quite peaks and valleys when it comes to his love life. But ladies, if you are looking if he is single, then you are searching for the wrong person. 


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