The aftermath of a car accident can be devastating for those involved. In Florida, a huge number of auto accident cases are reported each year, often related to speeding, driving under influence, and aggressive driving. If you are injured in a car accident, you should consider filing for a compensation claim. What may not seem a serious injury today can impact your life, work, and overall way of living in the long run. To know what your claim is worth and if you have a claim in the first place, you have to hire an attorney. 

The need for an attorney

Many people want to know if hiring a car accident attorney is a must. While you are not under any compulsion to hire an attorney, getting legal help may be more than necessary, if – 

  1. Your claim has been denied. 
  2. You are unsure of how to file a car accident claim. 
  3. The insurance company has offered a low amount. 
  4. There is no clear understanding of how it is at fault. 
  5. You believe that the other party may file a lawsuit.

Keep in mind that it is not always transparent as who or what may have caused the accident. In such situations, the insurance company of the at-fault driver may try to shift the blame and avoid paying for the settlement. In worst cases, you may even have to deal with a case file against you. To avoid any sort of unwanted legal mess, hiring an attorney is the right decision. 

What to ask an attorney?

As a client, you are probably ready to meet a car accident lawyer, but we recommend that you prep yourself for the appointment. Ensure that you have all the relevant papers with you, and recount the whole incident before you step in. You can ask questions like: 

  1. How long have you been practicing law?
  2. Are you going to represent me in negotiations and in court?
  3. What do you expect from this case?
  4. Do you think the matter may end up in trial?
  5. If that happens, will you represent the case?

Most attorneys usually like to get a part of the compensation as their fee, but there are litigation charges too. Ensure that you are aware of the costs involved in fighting the case. The lawyer you choose must have experience with car accidents, and more importantly, they should be ready to take things to trial, if need be. As a new client, you may also want to know more about their credibility, and it is completely okay to ask for references. 

Final word

With a reliable car accident attorney by your side, you can let the insurance company know that you mean business and wouldn’t be ready to settle for any amount that has been offered. How much you can claim in compensation depends on several factors, and if needed, your attorney will need to understand the long-term implications of the case. They will also do an independent review and investigation to support the claim. 


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