Are you living in a democratic country, and you are not allowed to access the information? If yes, you should question the existence of democratic norms and values in your country. While discussing free information and public records, many researchers concluded that these two things are the bedrock of democracy.

The public records allow people to analyze the Government’s performance to identify whether the governmental institutions are working properly or not. When a citizen has easy access to the information, he can easily know about the performance of the Government.

The problem is that not many people know how they can get access to that data, why they need to check it and how it is directly associated with their lives.

This article will briefly discuss all these things but first of all, let’s have a look at the Freedom of Information Act 1967. 

The FIOA 1967 provides the right to every citizen to get access to the data he needs. For that purpose, he needs to know about the process of getting his desired data. This act also has a few exemptions like trade secrets, foreign policy, national defence and security matters, law enforcement records etc.

Now the question arises of how public records can help the citizens and why they need to check them.

Helps in decision making

The most significant advantage of reviewing and reading the public records is that it helps them in “decision-making”. Whether you want to start a new business, shift your house to another state or a city, or you want to decide whom you should vote for in the coming elections, the public records can help you a lot in all these matters.

When the data is available, you can know whether you should invest your money in a specific business or not. In addition, it can help you analyze the present situation of that particular business and predict its future. When you can predict the future of a business, you get an idea of how you should invest your money and which areas you should focus on.

You can also analyze how well the governmental institutions perform, especially the law enforcement agencies and other bodies related to business and revenue. It can help you in selecting the right candidate for the presidential election. 

The public records make the institutions accountable, and if the citizens are aware of it, they can put pressure on the institutions to create a better environment for them. For example, you can know how much money the Government is spending on public health and education.

If your state is not spending a lot of money on these two sectors, you can protest against the state government and force them to spend more money on these sectors.

You can also get the data about the individuals, especially when you are making a deal with them. For example, public records will tell you about a person’s criminal history.

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