Growing up in Kingswood wasn’t the most enjoyable experience for Oliver until he made it enjoyable. After hitting 16 and having a few older cousins take him to the pubs to get the gist of drinking alcohol, he became reckless. Having a rough upbringing had made him completely distraught. He didn’t care much about what happened to him and could only focus on making the most of his day by doing stuff that not only affected him but affected others around him, including me. 

Being a selfish teenager whose parents could care less about him, he was completely oblivious to the fact that there were many people out there who did care about his well-being and were constantly looking out for him. After finally graduating high school with grades that weren’t so fancy, he moved out for college. Moving out was a big deal for him, it was something he had always dreamt of doing so he could leave the hell-hole he was unfortunate enough to be born in. 

Getting accepted into a local college in Bristol was just the move for him, he moved into a hostel with me and a couple of other friends he had made throughout his reckless journeys. College was a new experience, studying got hard, making new friends got even harder. Everyone was looking out for themselves and themselves only, which did work well with him but he needed help with his studies and he needed it more than ever.

Getting help:

He was doing shady stuff for shady people and before he knew it, he was arrested. Spending a couple of years in prison wasn’t what Oliver had in mind when he moved to Bristol but turns out it surely wasn’t enough to make him not go back to the life he had left. He once again found himself in dangerous situations which were all the entertainment he had left. This was until he met Sarah, Sarah was a waitress nearby who was one of the few people Oliver could count on in my life. 

She saw the better in him, and eventually married him despite knowing the kind of man he was. Of course, I wasn’t the type of friend to give up on him either, me and Sarah did everything we could to help Oliver out. He had a family now, he needed to be more responsible. We lost Oliver a couple of years later to cancer, something none of us had seen coming. 

We soon found out that with the help of a couple of will writers Bristol he had drawn up a will which distributed his assets between me, Sarah, and a couple of other people close to him. Oliver had known about his disease for ages and had made up his mind about leaving the world without saying goodbye, he didn’t want his kids knowing the kind of man he was and was ashamed of himself. The money and assets he had left Sarah with saved them from a lifetime of debt, he had been responsible for the first time in his life and it was too late to tell him that.


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