Are you aware of the most important part of an essay? It’s the headline and introduction.

In google search the phrase “Headline Templates”, and it shows over 700,000 results. So, without any doubt, we can say that the headline plays an important role in the introduction.

Think back to how many times you opened an article, just because you thought the headline was a striking one and it compelled you to read the article.

Just like that, the introduction also plays just an important of a role. Once you have enticed the reader to begin your essay, you will want to ensure that they continue reading on.

The introduction will enable the reader to want to find out what you have to say about the topic of the essay.

The majority of the time, when the introduction fails to grip the reader, they lose interest in the essay almost immediately.

Regardless of what kind of writing you may do, an interesting, captivating introduction is the most important for setting the strength of your essay.

This is also my cue to end this introduction and delve into the main point of this article. We will be discussing some key factors that are involved in capturing the reader’s attention.

I would also like to point out that you should know exactly what the reader wants, and what is expected of you from this essay before you even begin to write the introduction.

Using surprise information

You can captivate your reader’s attention by using surprising information and facts. Later on, you may start writing your thesis statement and the body of the essay with more clarity and precision.

We all like to read about controversial things or things that aren’t talked about commonly. You could start off your introduction with that.

Ask questions

We are hardwired to answer questions. This is why it will be in your favor to engage your reader’s attention by asking a vocal question. This is the right way to begin an impressive essay writing or a newsletter.

An interesting story

Stories about bank robberies or assassinations of known personalities, etc. make for great reading material.

Try to find something that is relevant to the topic of your essay; it could be a personal experience or a story or even a fact.

People like to be able to relate to things or read things that enable them to feel certain feelings.

Use alarming facts

A very textbook, yet effective strategy is to use alarming numbers that may provoke the reader’s attention.

Focus on using some alarming statistical figures, that are of course backed with evidence, in the introduction part of the essay. You can base your entire essay on such statistics as well.

People are likely to take things more seriously when they read about alarming numbers.

If the introduction is difficult for you to write, you can get some cheap essay writing service that will do the job for you.


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