Professional Oriental rug cleaners believe that the best way to clean carpets is water and no harsh chemicals. This is a tried-and-true method that has been used for ages. It is time-intensive, but it is well worth the effort.

Professional rug washing is required to wash your carpet to maintain its durability. Dust, silt, grime, and sand collect in your rug over time, causing damage and wear to the fibers. The rug begins to accumulate moth larvae and mold development over time.

Weaving Techniques

A highly experienced weaver cuts the rug’s pile once a weaver has completed weaving it fully. Each rug goes through two different cutting sessions, the first of which is less exact than the second. The length of the pile and the degree of skill required to accomplish the trimming operation are determined by the rug’s design, fiber type, and cultural custom.

After the pile has been trimmed, the rug will generally have several threads of yarn entangled in other yarn strands inside the pile. A weaver can wash the rug to remove part of the chopped pile, but washing it is the most efficient approach to wash it and prepare it for sale.

Rug Cleaning

There are a variety of techniques to wash an Oriental rug, and many weaving companies have incorporated a chemical bath into the process to give the pile a certain finish. Rugs are usually given a water wash to eliminate any dust or impurities that have collected throughout the washing process; however, some weavers additionally finish their rugs with a chemical wash.

The chemical wash that the rug receives is determined by its design and weaving tradition.

Weavers frequently give rugs a chemical wash in order to modify the strength of the colors. Some chemical mixtures provide color tones that are difficult to produce in actual yarn hues.

In other situations, carpets are given a chemical wash to modify the general texture of the rug, such as giving it a high-gloss shine or a matte finish, which binds the entire rug together.

A gold wash, which utilizes bleach to subdue strong red tones, is one of the most famous chemical cleaning techniques. Weavers only employ this method on durable carpets since the chemicals compromise the rug’s longevity. The rug’s hues, though, are one of the most searched red and rose hues when completed.


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