Is your partner’s loud snoring disrupting your sleep? Try out these 8 effective strategies on how to stop someone from snoring tonight!

Not getting enough sleep at night can ruin your entire morning or day. Not getting enough sleep at night due to someone else keeping you awake is even more frustrating.

Does your partner keep you up during all hours of the night due to loud snoring? Are you wondering how to stop someone from snoring so you can get a full night’s rest?

First, it’s important to understand what causes loud snoring. There are several different reasons why someone might snore loudly at night.

Before you can stop someone’s snoring, be sure to know what the causes might be. Then, continue reading below. Here’s our guide on a few different ways you can stop someone from snoring.

1. Try Different Sleeping Positions

One issue that might be causing snoring is the position they’re sleeping in. For starters, you can try to raise the head of the bed. Consider an adjustable bed that allows each person to place their side of the bed in its own setting.

Laying flat on your back can make snoring worse. Another tip to try is having your partner lie on their side. If they tend to roll over on their back during the night, you can use a pile of pillows to prevent them from doing this.

2. Use a Humidifier

If the snoring is caused by irritated and dry nasal passages, then a humidifier can be a great help. Keeping the air humid will prevent dry air from entering your partner’s mouth, nose, and throat. If your partner’s congested, the humidifier will help break loose all of the congestion and help them breathe better.

Place a humidifier in the room and use it until the moisture level in the house is where it should be. You can purchase a moisture measurer to determine how much moisture is in the air to ensure you get it to the right levels and ease the snoring.

You can learn more here about the use of a humidifier for snoring.

3. Clear the Nostrils Before Bed

A stuffed or congested nose can cause snoring also. If your partner starts to feel a stuffy nose coming on, then have them rinse their nostrils out with a saline spray. There are a few other nostril-clearing methods as well, such as a neti pot or over-the-counter medicine for sinus and congestion relief.

It’s a good idea to start taking sinus and congestion medications at the first sign of issues. Then, they should be sure to take it as recommended in the instructions. Have them take it every day following the instructions until their allergies have passed.

When they lay down at night, they’ll be able to breathe more easily. If it’s allergies, also be sure to change the air filters on a regular basis and properly dust the house.

4. Purchase a Snore-Preventing Mouth Appliance

There are snore-preventing mouth appliances that you can purchase from your dentist or as a kit that you then do yourself at home. The appliance is similar to a mouthguard. Your partner will wear it at night, and it’ll move their jaw and tongue forward so they can breathe better.

Have them speak to their dentist about having one made specifically for their mouth, or you can do some research about buying a kit online. You can also meet Dental Implants Mandurah to take care of your mouth properly.

5. Place Nasal Strips on the Nose

There are nasal strips available for purchase at your local drug store that are made specifically for those who snore. Your partner will place them on their nose before bed. They work by helping to open up the nasal passageways.

If the strips alone don’t work, then consider using them along with another method listed in this guide. When using the two together, you might have better results.

6. Start Exercising

Some suffer from snoring due to the amount of or thickness of tissue in their throat. If your partner is overweight, it may be contributing to their snoring.

A great way to reduce or prevent snoring in people overweight is to start getting healthy again. Exercise with your partner on a daily basis and transition to a healthy diet.

You might even want them to speak with their doctor about ways to start getting healthy. They can also consider seeking out the help of a nutritionist as well.

7. Correct a Deviated Septum

Have you ever been told you have a deviated septum? Have you ever had a doctor check to see if you have one? In severe cases of deviated septums, the person will have a hard time breathing through their nose.

In most cases, they’ll have difficulty breathing through one specific side of their nose. Take a few moments to have your partner breathe in and out through their nose. Are they only breathing in and out through one nostril?

If so, it’s time to see a doctor. A deviated septum can cause snoring and make breathing, in general, more difficult, so it’s best to have them see a doctor who can correct it.

8. Stop Smoking

Smoking might not cause you to start snoring, but it can worsen it. Just as smoking has an effect on breathing, it has an effect on snoring as well. The best way to stop this from being a problem is to quit smoking.

Not only will your partner’s snoring hopefully decrease after quitting, but their body will become healthier as well. Make sure to talk to them about speaking with a doctor about different ways to quit.

Now You Know How to Stop Someone From Snoring

Although you might want to throw a pillow at your snoring partner in the middle of the night, it won’t solve the problem.

Make sure you and your partner both work towards understanding what’s causing the snoring and then try a few solutions listed in this article. With the help of this guide, you now know how to stop someone from snoring!

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