Minecraft is a video game available on different gaming platforms for gaming lovers. All Xbox players are familiar with the amusing game “Minecraft.” The game offers two modes to players, i.e. Survival and Creative. The game can be played according to one’s own taste. By using craft tools, raw materials, and many other virtual tools, players can enjoy the game to its fullest.

Are you a Minecraft lover too? Willing to conquer all levels of the game? Looking for clever tips and tricks? Fishing is one of the most important ways to gain amazing items that doubles the fun. Through fishing rods, you can collect many more items. Here is the manual to make fishing rods in Minecraft.  

How to Make a Good Fishing Rod in Minecraft?

Minecraft is another name to a world of creativity. You can make many things here, craft them according to your liking, and then use them wherever you want. You can make a campfire of your own like campfires, tents, treehouses, and fishing rods too. Today in this rant, I will let you know how to craft the best fishing rods in the game.


You can make a fishing rod using two simple ingredients. They are

  • Strings
  • Sticks
  • Crafting Table


Follow the following steps to make a fishing rod in Minecraft.

  • Most of the crafting requires a crafting menu where you place different ingredients to make your intended thing. Like that, first, you will have to open up the menu and place the three sticks in a diagonal position from left to right. Then, put two sticks below the starting diagonal block. The crafting menu is made of a total of nine grids with three into three positions. 
  •  The first row will have a stick in the last box. There should be a stick in the second box and a string in the third box in the second row. There should be a stick in the first box, and a string in the list box in the last row.
  • After doing it, there is another single box besides the menu. The rod will automatically appear there fully completed and crafted.
  • You will have to move it from the single box in the menu to the inventory for using the fishing rod. Inventory is where you store your items for future use.

How to Make String in Minecraft?

You cannot make a string in Minecraft yourself. You have to utilize the spider to get the string from it. And to get the string from the spider, you will have to kill it. Two strings are more than enough to make a single fishing rod.

How to Make a 3×3 Crafting Grid in Minecraft

For making a crafting table in Minecraft, you will have to get some wooden logs and place them in the form of a square box in the inventory slots. This is a very useful item to make additional items that are more complex.

How to Make Sticks in Minecraft?

The next step is to make sticks. Take some wooden planks and put them on each other in the box of the shaping table. You need three sticks here, and with two planks, you can make four sticks.


Q no 1: Can we use the fishing rod we made for more than one time? 

Fishing rods can be used in the game 64 times, and that would be its durability. In simpler words, you can use them 64 times before they break.

Q no 2: We can catch fishes from this rod, but what type of fishes?

There are four types of fish that can be caught by the fishing rod 64 times in a row.

  • Puffer fish
  • Tropical fish
  • Salmon fish
  • Raw cod


Hurrah! Now you have made a fishing rod. Thrilling fun is waiting for you in the Minecraft world. Now you can get food and fish. You can also use the rod to get other exciting tools and items. All the Minecraft players should be well acquainted with the tricks and benefits of fishing as it has its perks in the game.


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