When you are playing online games with various players all over the world, it is a must to get a much lower ping than what you are getting right now. After all, you can’t really handle a high ping when you are trying to connect with many people as that can only result in disaster. Of course, you should know how to get lower ping before everything is said and done and it is not that hard to do so. The nearer you can get to zero pings, the better it would be for everyone involved because you are right there when you need to see to it that it gets done in the best way possible. Here are a few things you should keep in mind regarding how to get a lower ping:

Clean Computer

There is no harm in bringing out your vacuum cleaner and taking out all the dust particles inside your computer. We all know how you would be doing yourself and the other people living in your house a huge favor. The older your computer is, the more dust particles have piled up in there according to this link. It can’t get any less complicated than this tactic as you would just need to get an old face towel and wipe out all the dirt. Even if the hard drive is closed, dirt can still pile up in there. It is no secret a clean environment would promote better health. In fact, we all have just one body so we must take good care of ourselves as soon as possible. You can’t choose to wait it out until it is a bit too late before you decide to do anything about it. That can be a bad decision that would end up haunting you for a pretty long time.

Choose a Wired Connection

When you are connected to a router, it can get a little complicated when your device is not the only one connected to it. The easiest way to solve that would be to choose a wired connection. It would actually be best to buy a new cable so that you can assure you are going to get the best performance from it. When you are playing on a gaming laptop then you can always move closer as long as there is space to do so. You can’t blame yourself if there are just too many things scattered on the floor while going to the router.

Move Closer to Router

If you don’t want a wired connection, then you can always choose to move closer to the router. This would obviously depend on how the other stuff in the room is straightened out. There are just too many tables and chairs that you would need to move so that you can finally be closer to where you are. It is something you will want to prioritize. You will eventually find out that it would be easier to move the router close to you. Keep in mind there are just too many things connected to the bank of the router though. You would need to move those things too. No matter which one of the two you would need to choose, you can rest assure your Internet connection will be a bit faster and you will get a lower ping.

Force Close Various Programs

Due to the number of programs that are running right now, you must see to it that you close the ones that are not really running. Thus, you can see to it that you would want to go right away to the Task Manager. From there, you will know all the programs that are running at the moment. You will then get to decide which ones you would want to care about. Of course, you would want to close other programs that froze. The only way to do that would be to force close them. Don’t worry about the program freezing because these things happen a lot when you are running a ton of programs at the same time. There is always the temptation to do that because you don’t really know which ones you can close. Thus, you should get yourself used to close the ones that you are not really using. We all know how multitasking could prompt you to not perform the way you are obliged to in the games that you are playing.

Select Nearest Servers

It would not make too much sense to choose servers that are pretty far from you. After all, you will just be in a bit of a hassle when it comes to doing what needs to be done. Add that to the fact that you can see on the map which gaming servers are the closest to you. When that happens, you can assure that you’re going to be in a major load of servers that will be huge news for you before everything is said and done. You can’t move the servers but you can move closer to them.

After doing a few tactics of what we gave above, we would highly suggest getting a ping test over at this link so you would know where you stand. It is possible you would want to lower your ping even more if it is a bit far from zero. What’s wonderful about this website is that it won’t ‘require you to download anything for you to test your ping. It will just be a few seconds for you to find out the result and you can either be satisfied or you will want to do a bit more. The last thing you would want to happen is to have other people you are playing with have the advantage because they have lower pings. Of course, you can’t really find out what their ping is. The only thing you can do is to find out yours and do a variety of stuff like what we suggested in order to make it as low as possible.


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