Amazon, what a perfect place to buy different goods, showcase your products, gain popularity and make big profits… Thousands of people across the world open Amazon accounts, because this is what people need these days. In fact, this is what we all need in the era of the internet, eCommerce, and its gigantic opportunities.

As you may already know, Amazon does everything for its customers, which is why various options have been devised by the eCommerce mover and shaker. For example, Amazon has come up with the idea of creating Prime membership, even though there was already a buyer account. Amazon helps everyone achieve their dreams and desires, so if you want to receive your product within two days, you will get it! And that’s not just it! If you have certain needs, Amazon will know about them, and will turn them into reality; so be careful what you wish for – you will get it on Amazon!

But did you know that there is also another type of account, which is specifically created for people that are responsible for our future – today’s students? Since Amazon’s customers are not only experienced people who are working until 6 PM, Amazon has decided to simplify the lives of students, who are learning day and night to have a bright future. These Amazon accounts seem to be working! (If you’re looking for a way to open multiple Amazon accounts, click here:

Within the Student Account, ordinary students are eligible for a great amount of discounts, which is, undoubtedly, important for them. They spend a fortune on their education, and Amazon discounts come at the right time; why would anyone ignore Amazon Student Prime  advantages after this? Discounts are especially eye-catching in Amazon Prime Student. Here, students will have an amazing opportunity to try a no-cost trial for 6 month (compared to Amazon prime, it’s more beneficial, since Amazon Prime gives you a 30-days free trial), after which they will have to pay $6.49 per month. Amazon student Prime has almost the same advantages Amazon Prime has. For example, free and fast shipping, popular shows and movies, and so on.

Creating a new student prime account is very easy, because Amazon simplifies everything to your convenience. What is a student without their university email? Right, everyone has a university email, which is sometimes not used. But everything will change with a small piece of information! Did you know that for signing up, you will need your university email and intended graduation year? Yup, that’s all! Have you changed your opinion about university emails already? Apparently there’s more to them than receiving spam from your university and other related businesses!

Just be careful with your account; even though Amazon is obsessed with its customers, if you are naughty and disobedient, it will have to suspend/penalize/freeze your account. Same happens with Amazon sellers who get suspended despite how big their efforts are! If you are an Amazon seller who got suspended, contact Got Suspended Clients! Our appeal reinstatement services will resolve your issue. If you are willing to become  an Amazon seller, and have questions about suspensions, you can not only contact us, but use our numerous articles and educate yourself!


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