When going through a divorce, you should do your best to ensure the process is smooth and that you get a fair ruling. This will prevent the painful divorce from becoming worse for you and even ruining your future.

However, it will only be possible if you hire the right lawyers to represent you. Here are factors to consider if you want to identify and pick the best law firm to handle your case.

Presence of a Family Department 

Lawyers handle different types of cases for individuals and even organizations. The problem that arises from this is that some are general lawyers. This means that they like to take every case that comes their way regardless of the field.  

If you want the divorce to be successful and fair, then you should avoid such lawyers. Instead, opt for lawyers that specialize in divorce cases. This will require you to choose a firm with a family department since that is where you will find the best UK divorce lawyers.

The advantage of working with lawyers specializing in divorce cases is that they possess knowledge and experience that are key during the proceedings. This includes a clear understanding of family law and how it is practiced.

Transparent and Easy Billing

If you are not careful when going through a divorce, you might lose all your savings on lawyers. This is because not all of them are honest, and some are only interested in making more money from you. Such issues are the reason you should pick a law firm with a transparent and straightforward billing process.

The two qualities will ensure you fully understand the cost you will incur during the whole process right at the beginning. This then allows you to ask questions where you have doubts and even bargain the fees charged. In addition, you won’t have to worry about hidden charges along the way.  

Success in Previous Cases

Even if a law firm has a family department with divorce lawyers, it does not mean that they are the right choice. They can still have such a department but offer little or no realistic chances of winning a divorce case. That is why you should check the success record before entering into any agreement.  

A good track record indicates that the identified divorce lawyers are among the best in the field. You can, therefore, entrust your case to them without fear or doubt. On the other hand, a low success rate is a red flag. It is a sign that you might end up losing money in fees to the lawyers and still lose the legal battle to your spouse.

In conclusion, you should consider three things if you want to find the best UK divorce lawyers. First, establish whether the firm you have identified contains a family department. Second, determine whether they have a transparent and easy billing process. Finally, check the success rate of the firm and its lawyers before entering into any agreement. 


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