IOS are the main smartphone in the world. Assisted GPS (AGPS) is used to find and change your location in iPhone. For change of location just download the app and change your location where you want. If your iOS GPS spoofing is used to find your current place and the places you have often visited including Street cities and States. If your IOS GPS system not work properly Wi-Fi tracking system is used to track your phone location via a Wi-Fi signals. With our permission location changing in iPhone services are allows

Here are some reasons

There are many situations when we change our GPS location in iPhone for fun and for other reasons also. You can also change location to fool your family and friends and even for doing a great job .you can’t better it by using a VPN.

Change IOS GPS location

There are different ways to change your location there are many merits and demerits after syndication in iPhone what is fake location and faithful one application that allows you to your area so you can see your company’s it utilizes original guide with half and half highlights you are physically setup aspect area and imagine that you are there by posting the guide. Theses apps are tweet box and spoofer.

It is more difficult to change your location station on iPhone than Android because you cannot simply install an app the easiest ways to uses of computer. There are following steps

  • First connect iPhone with computer and install itools using your computer that is used to alter your location.
  • Launch itools and then click on the virtual location button.
  • Press enter, Move here, you can click on the map to change your location you want to go.
  • If you like you can exist itool and disconnect your iPhone from your computer.

There are many risks that are asked by using a which location

  • first reason is by changing  your GPS location on IPhone applications in your own device  may be destroyed
  • There are many websites that are dangerous for your device also harm your device more than this, legal consequences can come your direction and you’ll got to affect it for faking GPS.
  • VPN that are developed by third party that is malicious software and also harm your device potentially.
  • It is risky to use a fake location because effect other apps like Snapchat.


Offers map on the for original area

 It allows you to set and engrave spurious areas

 It only sports connection for photographs

 It offers three guys with enumerate data

 It allows you to bookmark spare areas


 It required for speed internet that associated with the maps


Dr.Fone virtual location is the world best application to install and fake your iOS GPS location anywhere. So I will highly recommend you this application I have described the application with details its merits and demerits and how we can use it on our computer system.


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