Who does not want a perfect body shape and incredible health? We all aspire to enjoy an active lifestyle, but very few achieve this goal, just like Adam and Joe. They started their exercise journey together with similar circumstances and goals. Joe has gotten what he wanted, and Adam is still struggling? Why is this so?

One of the main reasons behind such failure is inconsistency. Most of us think of exercise as a burden, something tiring and boring. As a result, we fail to adopt this routine as our lifestyle. Did you know embracing exercise as an enjoyable and fun part of everyday life is a lot easier than you think? Let us quickly go through some professional tips and tricks so that you do not end up like Adam.

Determine Your Goals in Advance

You are not alone in the struggle of starting an exercise routine and following through, but perhaps you will be among very few who carry this till the end. To pull this off, you need to start, but from where? As they say, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” The same is the case here. You can not proceed successfully without planning and determining your goals in advance.

Do you wish to lose weight, or build lean muscle or enjoy more energy throughout the day? After entering the gym, Adam used to experiment with every exercise without knowing that will aerobics is what he needs, or strength training will work for him. On the other hand, Joe was clear that he needs lean muscles so, he focused on strength training more than the others.

Speaking of strength, one crucial body part is often forgotten by a lot of people – the neck. Gaining strength on the neck is of great advantage. You will be able to prevent not only the neck but back pain as well. Iron Neck is something you should look into for a very efficient neck exercise and strengthening.

Appreciating your short- and long-term goals is essential because it will help you focus your efforts in the right direction. However, be sure to season these milestones with a sense of realism and learn to appreciate that such changes will not occur overnight.

Set a Daily Schedule and Stick to It

There is no routine without a schedule. Putting your exercise in random mode is your biggest enemy that prevents you from achieving the desired goal. Productivity never comes from accidents. Tony Robbins says, “If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible but, if you schedule it, it’s real“. So to turn your goal into an achievement, schedule your exercise routine.

What if, after devising an excellent schedule, you are making excusing to skip your exercise? If that is the case, it means you lack energy, time, or fear the gym. Don’t worry! No problem is without a solution. Just identify the problem, solutions are in your way.

One of the best ways to avoid mental fatigue is to dedicate a specific time each day to training. Your body will slowly learn to adapt to such a schedule until it becomes a normal part of your daily routine.

Consider Supplementation

Sometimes our body lacks the necessary elements that keep us healthy. Lacking any of these nutrients can affect us in many ways. Research shows that nutrient deficiency hinders achieving your desired health goals no matter how hard you exercise or train your body physically. So, it is wise to add supplements to your diet. For instance, some people enjoy post-workout shakes as meal replacements. Other use vitamins and other supplements with their meal.

In addition to solving the nutrient deficiency problem, special supplements help you achieve your fitness goal faster. For instance, for those who are looking to build muscles, complementing protein powder with strength training will help them get it fast. If anyone is interested in burning fat, taking thermogenic supplements immediately before a cardio session will accelerate the fat-burning process.

Supplements are also crucial for recovery, as these allow the body to heal quickly. For example, those who suffer inflammation and soreness after exercise can supplement a targeted CBD routine within their daily regimen. CBD oil has been proven to alleviate pain and help you sleep like a baby.

Small Steps Lead to Impressive Results

It takes some time before you start experiencing the benefits of a regular exercise routine. It could be challenging to remain motivated if you do not see immediate results. Hence, it is better to focus on short-term achievements to gauge your progress. This is also great in terms of learning if any minor modifications need to be made.

The question is, how to track your achievements? In this digitalized world, keeping track of your progress is not a big deal. Hundred of free apps are out there which help you keep a record of everything related to your fitness. You can keep an eye on your calory consumption, count your footsteps, calculate your burnt calories, hours of your activity and sleep, etc. Seeing your progress in terms of numbers motivates you to keep going.

Don’t Be Too Ambitious

The most vital and revolutionizing perspective of a healthy exercise routine is ditching the all or none attitude. Adam was too ambitious, and he spent hours in the gym when he started his routine. Gradually he drained all his energy and started to skip the gym; hence, he failed to accomplish his goal. Are you aspiring like Adam?

Trust me, patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Your consistency and patience are going to define your true success. Joe did not feel discouraged when he encountered these small challenges along his way. He viewed these as stepping stones instead of setbacks. His attitude made the result incredible.

Now, it depends upon you who do you want to be, Joe or Adam. Everything comes with a price, and success never comes overnight. However, without a doubt, the ultimate rewards are always well worth the foundational efforts.

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