How Tall is Mummy Pig?

mummy pig

If you have kids in preschool, you must know about the British animated series, ‘’Peppa Pig.’’

Peppa Pig is an animated preschool TV series that is not only popular in the United Kingdom but is also loved all over the world. The show revolves around a female piglet, Peppa, and her family and friends. The show was first aired in 2004 but since then it has released almost 7 seasons and is still going strong. It is broadcasted in over 180 countries. Children of all ages love this cartoon especially the preschoolers who are obsessed with it. They can relate to the activities of Peppa throughout the day.

Peppa Pig lives with her family which includes Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, and her brother George. Apart from the main character, Peppa, her mother Mummy Pig is also an important part of the show. There have been lots of controversies and confusion about Mummy Pig’s height. This might be considered an irrelevant piece of information but since people are talking about it, we have the answer!

Mummy Pig is 5 feet 9 inches tall and Peppa Pig is 3 feet 9 inches tall.

This blog post will let you know all about this trending question and much more about the character of Mummy Pig.

Who is Mummy Pig?

Mummy Pig is an important character in this animated series based on a female piglet. She is married to Daddy Pig and has two children, a daughter named Peppa who is 4 years old, and a son, George who is 2 years old. She is a loving and caring mother. In the show, she wears a nice orange dress and has beautiful long lashes. Morwenna Banks has been the voice-over actor for Mummy Pig for over 18 years.

How Tall is Mummy Pig?

Fans of the show have been wondering about the height of Mummy Pig. Recently, the internet was flooded with memes that Mummy Pig is 11.6 feet tall which is absurd. A pig cannot be that tall even in the real world. There were many speculations regarding the heights of the characters and it was thought that Daddy Pig is 14 feet tall and Mummy Pig is only slightly shorter than him so she must be 11.6 feet tall. All these assumptions are rather fake and the height of the characters is mentioned on the official website of the show.

According to the official website of Peppa Pig, ‘’,’’ Mummy Pig is 5 feet 9 inches tall (179 centimeters). However, if you visit Mummy Pig at the theme park Peppa Pig World, she would seem a lot taller than that.

How Old is Mummy Pig?

The exact age of Mummy Pig is not known, it is not even found on the internet and has not been mentioned during the show. But she is thought to be younger than Daddy Pig and he is 30 years old. In one episode called ‘’Mummy Pig’s Birthday,’’ Daddy Pig whispered Mummy Pig’s age in Peppa’s ear and her response was “Wow! Really Old!” Mummy Pig’s Birthday is thought to be celebrated on 23rd June.

What is Mummy Pig’s Real Name?

Mummy Pig’s real name is not revealed anywhere on the show and is considered to be a top secret. She is popularly known as Mummy Pig or Mrs. Pig.

What is Mummy Pig’s Job?

Mummy Pig’s job includes her ”very important work” on the computer at home. She is mainly a housewife and looks after her kids, Peppa and George. Although she volunteers at Miss Rabbit’s Mummies Fire Engine Service. Once she helped to put out a fire when Daddy Pig was enjoying a BBQ with his friends.

Mummy Pig also writes a storybook about a funny onion who is responsible for making everybody cry. She wanted the book to be published and takes it to the playgroup to read to the children. Unfortunately, she forgets to save her work and loses her book before it even gets published.

Which Skills Does Mummy Pig Have?

Mummy Pig is a very smart and caring mother, she might not show it as often but many episodes proved her to be very smart. Once Miss Rabbit told her that it is impossible to win the Catch a Duck game at the funfair. But Mummy Pig proved her wrong by winning and earning a huge teddy bear for Peppa. Then at the Archery Game, Mr. Dog told her that it was a game of skill, still, Mummy Pig managed to win a teddy bear there too. Mummy Pig is considered to be wiser than Daddy Pig as she is better at map reading than him.

butterfly with mummy pig

She makes great food, especially pancakes, spaghetti, and chocolate cakes. She lets her children help her with mixing the pancake mix. She also has the skill of flipping pancakes without throwing them.

Fun Facts about Mummy Pig

Here are some great facts about this beloved character:

  • Mummy Pig is scared of spiders
  • She loves to eat and make pancakes
  • She likes cooking for her children
  • Mummy Pig loves to play in muddy puddles and jump in them with Peppa
  • She loves to write books and then read them to the children at the playgroup
  • She can speak the French language

Who are Her Parents?

Mummy Pig’s parents are Grandpa Pig and Granny Pig. She also has a sister named Dottie but she lives in another country far away from them

Where Does She Live?

Mummy Pig lives with her family at a little house just over the hill at 3 Astley Street in Peppa Town.

The Bottom Line

Peppa Pig is a British animated TV show for preschoolers which was aired in 2004. It has 7 seasons and people all over the world love to watch it along with their children. The show is based on Peppa Pig but her mother, Mummy Pig is also a main character in every episode. There have been lots of questions regarding Mummy Pig and her height. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall according to the Peppa Pig world. The show is widely recognized in the world and is broadcasted in 180 countries. Adults enjoy the show as much as children, so grab your kids and catch up on the new episodes.

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