Have you ever tried to do something or make anything for which you need to know how many pints are required to make a quart? Or how many pints are there in a quart? Plus you are not good at professional scales of measurements then you are at the right place. This article contains all you are looking for! You often have used ‘cups’ in order to measure things at home.

Now the cup is considered to be a universal tool for measurement but all the cups are not equal some can carry a little more or a little less. Hence we need a standard scale for measurements as far as the liquid is concerned we measure it through gallons, quarts, pints, liters and standard cups, etc.

An accurate measurement is much better than many opinions suggested by experts. There are different ways to measure things (solid, liquid, gas) and for sure your purpose will define your scale of measurement. It is hard to memorize all the possible ways to measure anything. You need it at commercial areas mostly, but sometimes you become a home cook or maybe you have to divide your groceries into particular portions so one must know some basic tricks to measure things with accuracy.

Pint as Unit of Liquid/Dry Capacity

In the customary measurement system, a pint is used to measure the volume, and measuring standards vary throughout the world. In the United Kingdom, it is an old way of measuring liquid and it is considered as one-eighth of a gallon in general. A Britain pint is more than an American pint and a British pint only measures liquid while an American pint is for both dry and liquid. Let us look at the table to know the exact values for it:

Britain Pint( liquid)1 pint0.568 liters
American Pint(liquid) American Pint (Dry)1 pint 1 pint0.473 liters 0.551 liters

Quart as Unit of Liquid Capacity

A quart is a standard measuring unit for liquid capacity that is roughly equal to one liter. It is one-fourth of a gallon. It also varies a little in measurement such as a Britain quart is twenty percent more than the American quart. An American quart is also used for measurement of liquid as well as for dry but rarely. Let us look at the respective values:

Britain Quart( liquid)1 Quart1.13 liters
American Quart(liquid)1 Quart0.94 liters

Conversions of Liquid

If you are dealing with some wet ingredient all you need to know is here, as a liquid can be measured in many ways and you are in search of the one that is feasible for you so just take a look at the table below and you are half away there. No matter, Pints in Quarts, Quarts in gallons, cups, ounces, tablespoons, or whatever you need to know to measure liquid!

½ ounce1 tablespoon
2 ounces1/4th cup
8 ounces1 cup
16 ounces1 pint
1 pint2 cups
1 quart2 pints
1 gallon4 quarts

Yet, Eye-level is a key to ensure your right and accurate measurements.

Pints in Quarts and Vice-versa

We differentiate between these two on the basis of usage and where are you located for these conversions to be right. A pint is used to measure smaller quantities of liquid while a quart is used for larger quantities that need to be measured.

2 pints = 1 Quart

1 Pint = 2 cups = 16 ounces

1 Quart = 4 cups = 32 ounces

Hence, the ratio between these two is 1: 2 and one pints is 50% of a quart. For an accurate conversion, one has to take into account that where he is located and the given condition. If one is in the UK for him 1 quart equals 1.6 pints and in the case of the US 1 Quart is made up of 2 pints. The condition of multiplication or division of these two figures is based on the condition asked.


In order to conclude this article, one should know that it is not a complex thing to know how many pints make a quart or the pints contained by a quart. You must be familiar with the fact that measurements and their standards vary on the basis of your location on Earth. As far as pints and quarts are concerned there are two metric systems i.e. UK and US. They vary in numbers but with a minute difference. I hope this article won’t ruin your coming home cook experience.


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