How Many Credit Cards Should I Have? Credit Factors to Consider

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Credit can play an enormous half in our financial journey in life. From getting your first credit card to financing an automotive to buying your first dwelling, your credit rating will play a key position all alongside the best way. And one of the many largest components that go into your credit rating is the variety of credit playing cards you could have and the way you utilize them. However, what a number of credit playing cards ought to you could have? Is there a really useful quantity?

If you happen to’re asking yourself, what a number of credit playing cards ought to I have, you’re on the best path. In case you are even contemplating this query, you’re paying consideration to the best issues and should have already got a leg-up in your financial journey!

There’s no magic variety of credit playing cards that can lead to an ideal credit rating, however, there are definitely some good tips to observe. Let’s be taught extra!

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule to decide the very best variety of credit playing cards for a great credit rating.

In common, most Individuals have round 3 credit playing cards. That doesn’t essentially imply that’s the best variety of playing cards to have, however, it’s a great issue to think about.

You can have a great credit rating with only one card, and also you can have a great rating with 10 or extra credit playing cards. The very fact of the matter is that there are various components that contribute to your credit rating. These components are detailed beneath.

As you possibly can see, the 2 largest elements are on-time payments and capability used.

On-time payments are apparent, however fairly necessary. If you happen to make on-time payments for all of your credit playing cards, installment loans, mortgages, and many others. that can vastly increase your credit rating. Payment historical past makes up around 30% of your credit rating.

Capability refers to credit utilization, which is a little more complicated. Mainly, it refers to the proportion of credit accessible to you that you’re actively utilizing. Credit utilization makes up a further 30% of your credit rating.

For instance, let’s say you could have a complete credit restriction of $10,000 on 1 credit card. You carry a balance of $4,000 on that card. This places your credit utilization at 40%, which is taken into account excessive – ideally, you need to attempt to preserve your credit utilization below 30%. Needless to say, FICO considers each your utilization of a particular person’s credit playing cards, and on all of your playing cards as a combination.

So, these two components alone make up 60% of your credit rating – and have little to do with the variety of playing cards you maintain. What does this imply for what number of credit playing cards ought to I have?

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How the Variety of Credit Cards Impacts Your Credit Rating

We’ve established that the variety of credit playing cards you maintain doesn’t essentially have a huge effect on your rating – however, it definitely does have some results. Listed below are some:

Opening New Cards

  • Ends in “hard pulls” to your credit profile, which can briefly ding your credit
  • Lowers your common age of accounts, which may decrease your rating
  • Provides extra credit to your general credit restrict, which might decrease utilization and doubtlessly increase your credit rating

Closing Outdated Accounts

  • May have an effect on your utilization price by eradicating accessible credit out of your profile. This may decrease your credit rating
  • May barely decrease the typical age of accounts, which may decrease your rating.

Having Too Few Credit Cards

  • Issuers need to see that you’re accountable with credit. You need to have at the least one credit card so as to construct your credit file.
  • It could be troublesome to preserve your utilization beneath 30% in the event you don’t have a lot credit prolonged to you.

Having Too Many Credit Cards

  • Issuers could think about you extra dangerous you probably have a excessive variety of credit playing cards (10+). It could be tougher to get authorized for added playing cards.

Can You Have Too Many Credit Cards? Extremes on Each Sides

To exhibit that there’s no “perfect” reply to what number of credit playing cards ought to have, let’s take a look at a number of the extremes:

On the low finish, many adults simply don’t have any credit playing cards. About 29% of Individuals should not have a credit card in any respect, in accordance with 2014 information.

On the excessive finish, Walter Cavanaugh holds the Guinness World Document for essentially the most legitimate credit playing cards held by a single particular person – at a whopping 1,497 playing cards!

And for a private perspective, the creator of this text (and a journey hacker) has 20+ open credit playing cards, with a FICO rating of around 800.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you simply carry no playing cards, 1,500 playing cards, or 20 playing cards. Reasonably, we’re merely demonstrating the broad variations that make it difficult to reply to the query of what number of credit playing cards you need to have.

Ultimate Ideas

How many credit playing cards ought you could have? There’s no good reply, however, we’d suggest at least 1 or 2 playing cards. If you happen to plan to carry a balance, it’s your decision to think about including a number of extra playing cards to assist preserve your complete utilization price decrease.

Whatever the variety of credit playing cards you could have, you need to all the time use credit responsibly. Significantly you probably have many playing cards with excessive credit limits, it’s important to handle that credit responsibly and never get yourself into debt!

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