Artificial Intelligence is no longer a part of sci-fi movies. It has now become a part of our routine lives. And the interesting thing about AI is that we don’t even realize its presence in our lives. We have become so dependent on its applications that if the Internet server goes down for one hour, people get knickers in a twist.

From recommendation engines on your favorite social media sites to payment reminders on your UPI payment application, from movie recommendations on Netflix to Alexa/Google Assistants following you, everything is powered by AI systems.

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to machine learning, from autonomous vehicles to smart devices/appliances, companies are incorporating AI into everything they create or build. It is also believed that the companies not adopting AI systems are on the verge of going obsolete.

AI is everywhere today, with your smartphone in your pocket and an Internet connection. This is the reason that organizations, across every industry, have AI-enabled systems as it increases their productivity, efficiency, and ultimately their ROIs.

For making their AI-enabled systems work, they need professionals who are properly trained and skilled in Artificial Intelligence. This has created numerous jobs for professionals with AI skills and proficiency across the globe. If you look at job portals for AI-related jobs, you can find thousands of them.

Also, ed-tech companies like Simplilearn offer great AI courses to prepare professionals for getting industry-ready through live projects and instructor-led experiences.

Let’s have an overview of this emerging technology, Artificial Intelligence, and its real-world applications.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Britannica defines Artificial Intelligence as, ‘the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment.’

So, when your Google Assistant makes calls for you or sends some messages for you, it is Artificial Intelligence.

Real-World Applications of Artificial Intelligence

AI in Marketing

Marketing, or simply Digital Marketing, is done to make your products or services reachable to customers everywhere. It is done to attract more and more potential customers to your business.

How AI works in marketing?

Have you ever noticed that while searching a product, say a hairdryer, on Amazon (or any other eCommerce site), you get suggestions of related hair care products and you most likely end up buying those too?

Also, you get advertisements for related products every time you use your smart devices. It is like your phone knows very well what you are searching for and recommends you the products accordingly.

The same goes for Netflix. It suggests movie recommendations so accurately that it feels like Netflix knows everything about your choices regarding movies and shows.

AI in Finance

The finance industry is one of the most AI-dependent industries these days. This is because AI-enabled systems are capable of crunching massive amounts of data, presenting patterns, and determining future trends in the market.

Businesses and ventures depend upon AI-powered systems and data scientists to look for patterns of the market and make business decisions accordingly. These systems enable businesses to improve their performance in stock trading, thereby increasing profits.

AI in Healthcare

Did you know that AI healthcare is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of a whopping 41.7%, from USD 1.3 billion in 2018 to USD 13 billion in 2025?

The most important applications of AI are found in the healthcare industry where AI-powered systems can diagnose life-threatening diseases at early stages and prescribe treatments to those, thus becoming a life-saving technology.

BioXcel Therapeutics utilizes AI systems to develop new medicines in the fields of neuroscience and immuno-oncology.

Ezra is a system that leverages AI to diagnose cancer at early stages by analyzing full-body MRI scans.

There are thousands of examples showing the application of AI in the healthcare industry.

AI in Banking

The use of AI is growing rapidly in the banking sector. A majority of banks leverage AI systems for improving customer support, detecting credit card frauds and other anomalies.

Today every banking activity you experience is made by AI-powered systems. The transactions you make, bots making you aware of fraudulent activities, risk management, and many other applications in banking are done through Artificial Intelligence.

The most common example of leveraging AI in a banking system is EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant) used by HDFC bank to interact with more than half a million of bank customers, answer more than 3 million queries, and hold conversations with millions of customers.

AI in Gaming

How can we discuss AI applications without the topic of Gaming?

The gaming experience has drastically changed over the last decade, all thanks to Artificial Intelligence. AI has now become an integral part of this industry and is rendered one of the biggest accomplishments of AI.

You might have heard about F.E.A.R or First Encounter Assault Recon, which is a first-person shooting video game. This is powered by AI and provides a great user experience.

In this game, the opponent doesn’t repeat the same mistakes as they are trained throughout the game. The game becomes more difficult this way and prompts the user to change strategies frequently. Eventually, this game becomes more interesting.

AI in Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars have been a buzzword for a long time in this industry. If autonomous vehicles become successful, it will bring a great revolution in the transport industry.

With the help of cameras, vehicles radar, cloud services, and GPS that produce control signals and operate the autonomous vehicle.

The most common example of self-driving cars is that of Tesla that has auto-pilot features.

Other applications of Ai can be found in space exploration, businesses, agriculture, chatbots, virtual assistants, social media, artificial creativity, education, and almost every industry.

When technology is utilized in almost every industry, it is obvious that professionals are also required in every industry who can get these tasks done. With AI as a career option, you get huge salaries, you can enter into the sector of your choice, and you can get massive career growth.

To get into a career in AI, take up an online training course, acquire the required skills and knowledge, get certification in AI, and land your dream job.

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Rehan after completing his degree in computer sciences from Harvard; decided to pursue his career in the field of digital marketing. It has been 2 years of helping people to reach their digital goals.

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