How Did Peppa Pig Die?


Peppa Pig is a beloved British kids’ TV show. It has gained huge popularity since 2004 when it first aired. The story of this show revolves around a piglet, Peppa, her family, and friends. Peppa goes to playgroup with her brother George and the show is based on her everyday activities. It is lively and colorful and usually, there is a simple lesson in each episode. The episodes are 5 minutes long which makes it easier for the kids to process them and understand them.

It is shocking to find out that a show with such positive vibes can have such a gruesome alternate story. Many writers and storytellers ruin your childhood by writing such horrible and shocking backstories of these lovely characters. Recently a question was going viral over the internet, ”how did Peppa Pig die?” Here we shall tell you in detail how this tragedy happened where Peppa and all her family and friends died terribly. But do not worry as it’s just an alternate story, your favorite characters are alive and happy just the way they are.

How Did Peppa Pig Die?

A Wattpad user, animegeek00 writes tragic and gruesome backstories of different childhood cartoons. The story title claims ‘’Time to Ruin Your Childhood.’’ According to this story, Peppa Pig is killed by her parents. The story claims that Peppa was a sick child who spent most of her childhood in the hospital. She suffered so much from the disease that she had that her parents decided to poison her and kill her to end her misery.

Once when she went to sleep, her parents, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig injected her with a poison that killed her. While she was sleeping, she was dreaming about fairies and that is why Peppa wants to be a fairy in the show. The death of Peppa is quite disturbing for most readers.

How Did Peppa’s Family Die?

This childhood-ruining story continues with the death of other characters. After killing his daughter, Daddy Pig felt extremely guilty especially when Peppa’s little brother, George kept asking about his sister and where she was. Daddy Pig could not live with this guilt and he killed his wife and son and then killed himself too by slitting his throat. Horrible, isn’t it? No wonder people avoid reading these backstories which can change their stance towards these funfilled shows and cartoons.

How Did Peppa’s Friends Die?

In this tragic backstory, almost all the characters die including Peppa’s friends Suzie Sheep, Pedro Pony, her class fellows at the playgroup, and Madam Gazelle. The Wattpad user described their deaths as follows:

Suzie Sheep’s Death

Suzie Sheep was Peppa’s best friend and she wanted to be a nurse that is why she is seen in a nurse costume in some episodes. One day while Suzie was riding her bicycle, she got hit by a truck and died on the spot. Mr. Zebra was driving the truck which hit Suzie.

Mr. Zebra’s Death

After running over Suzie Sheep with a truck, Mr. Zebra lost his job and his driver’s license, and his wife also left him. He was left alone with no money and he eventually died living on the streets.

Mummy Sheep’s Death

Mummy Sheep was Suzie Sheep’s mother. She loved her daughter a lot and could not cope with her death. She started taking drugs and died due to an overdose.

Pedro Pony’s Death

Pedro Pony was drowned by some bullies from his school.

Grandpa Dog, Mummy Dog, and Danny Dog’s Death

Grandpa Dog took Danny sailing one day, a storm broke out and lightning hit their boat. The lightning set the boat on fire and burned Grandpa Dog alive, while Danny died a few moments later by drowning in the water.

Mummy Dog was also killed however in a different setting. She was fixing her car at the garage and a terrible accident happened there due to some malfunctioning and killed Mummy Dog.

Chloe Pig’s Death

Chloe Pig was Peppa Pig’s cousin and apparently, she committed suicide as she did not receive the gift which she was expecting.

Madam Gazelle’s Death

Madam Gazelle was Peppa’s teacher at the playgroup. She died in a fire along with her other students while she was baking cookies with them.

Who Died at Last?

The last one to die is Grandma Pig or Granny Pig. She was Peppa’s grandmother who suffered from schizophrenia. The deaths of her family members had affected her badly and she started taking medications for depression. Due to schizophrenia and drugs, this happy and lively life where all the members are alive is just in her imagination. She imagines them alive and happy to cope with their deaths.

Before her death due to a drug overdose, she narrates the story to her friend Patrik who is into show business. He tells the story to Nickelodeon and thus Peppa Pig was made into a show. That is how animegeek00 concluded the gruesome story of Peppa Pig.


Peppa Pig is a well-known British TV show for kids and is successfully broadcasted throughout the world. The show is based on Peppa and her family and friends. Although the show is very lively and has a happy stance but a Wattpad user animegeek00 wrote a gruesome alternate story of Peppa where all the characters have died and what we see on the TV is just what is happening in their afterlives. According to her story, Peppa Pig is killed by her parents who poisoned her while she was sleeping. Well, the good news is that it is just a creepy story to ruin your childhood, if you love this cartoon you can watch them on your screens as they are very much healthy and alive.

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