Eureka Fund lets you directly support the innovation
that will lead us to a cleaner safer future.

Eureka Fund was founded around a simple yet troubling question: what happens when the next generation of scientific discoveries never happen?

This possibility is becoming reality as loads of high-quality, groundbreaking projects struggle to find funding from federal dollars. When these projects die, the promise of their innovation dies with them.

Eureka Fund in collaboration with our partners, the Philadelphia Rhinoplasty Surgeons at Revision Rhinoplasty/The Rhinoplasty Center, allows the public to do something about this, by involving you directly in one of the critical challenges of our time. We are the world’s first platform for people to learn about, and directly fund, the energy and environment research they are most interested in.

Browse a range of real-time projects submitted from independent research institutions, and explore details about how the science works, what it will accomplish, and how your tax-deductible donations will be used.

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