Managing money can become difficult sometimes. Most of us do not make use of a checkbook anymore and we tend to lose track of our expenses. The right budgeting apps create a better understanding of your income and your expenditure. Budgeting apps help maximise your control over your money.

Budgeting apps are the way forward because they connect your bank account and credit cards while downloading your transactions and showing you the appropriate amount for spending. Like budgeting apps, having a Managed Service Provider will help make things a lot easier for your business.  

The best budgeting apps are those that are affordable and that have a user-friendly platform. The intervention process with your accounts also need to be simple and provide features that suit your budgeting ways. Below are a few budgeting apps that will make managing your finances easier.


You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a well rebound You Need a Budget (YNAB) is a well renowned budgeting app that has earned its reputation of being trustworthy. A great motivator to make use of this app is that they typically help new budgeters save $600 dollars in first two months and up to $6000 after their first year. If you do not trust that it is this beneficial then you can make use of their free 34-day trial. There after it only costs $11.99 per month which is nothing in comparison to what you save in the long run.

YNAB offers the ability to YNAB offers the ability to sync your accounts, move data from various files and manually enter every transaction you make. Their platform is extremely user friendly; it ensures that their customers learn the basics about the app through video courses and live workshops.

When signing up you make sure that all your spending has a purpose, for example your rent being paid first. YNAB prioritises getting their clients one month ahead of their expenditure. You would also have a sense of security knowing that they use bank level encryption for all data and password security. The security and privacy of their clients are of utmost importance at all times.

Simplify by Quicken

Simplifi by Quicken makes the list because of their unique offerings. They provide you with a personalized spending plan which gives you immediate updates on your expenditure and how much money you have left for the month.

The app is simple yet elegant as it syncs your bank accounts and by doing so you become more aware of what your account looks like. The platform motivates their customers to achieve their financial goals.

Keeping track of your monthly bills and subscriptions is made simple by Simplifi by Quicken. The tools they possess and provide you with allows for a strong cash flow. You can give this a try by making use of their free 30-day trial. Thereafter you will pay as little as $2.99 per month which is billed annually at $35.99. If you did not pay upfront then your monthly instalment would be $3.99. Again, this is a small price to pay for the service you are receiving and the help you receive which would save you even more money.


PocketGuard is awesome because the company uses an algorithm that prevents you from overspending. The algorithm tracks your income, expenses, saving goals and informs you exactly how much you are actually allowed to spend every day. This is a great stepping stone to help you achieve your financial ambitions.

The features on offer help you balance your checking, savings, and credit card accounts. The app can see what you are spending or rather overspending on and stops you from doing so. It also reminds you when you have bills due which helps ensure that you have the required amount for the bills when needed.

PocketGuard prides themselves on their security with 256-bit encryption, four-digit PIN and biometrics like Touch ID and Face ID. They offer a free trial which is followed by a monthly fee of $7.99 per month


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