Women’s T-shirt fashion has been in vogue since the 1940s and was worn initially as a sign of freedom and rebellion. However, in the 50s, women who wore T-shirts were making a statement, laying the foundation for the diverse best basic T-shirts seen today, and with the rise of basic women’s T-shirts from Arlo Blue, the prospects are high.

As the T-shirt fashion industry is becoming diverse, getting quality basic T-shirts is now more critical than ever. A good quality T-shirt can be the difference between dressing too casually and overdressing. It’ll bring out the elegance and glamor for the beautiful woman and enhance fashion.

Many outlets promise good basic T-shirts of high quality; however, tees from Arlo Blue apparel might be the real deal for many. Shopping for the best quality T-shirt is good for the pocket and your skin. Here are some tips to help you make decisions on how to get the best T-shirts.

Women’s T-shirt fashion

Best Tips to Get Quality T-Shirts

●    Be Particular About the Fabric and Material

You should go for 100% pure cotton without artificial fabric blends like polyester to enjoy a T-shirt. Polyester isn’t easily flexible, so when combined with cotton, it remains straight while the cotton shrinks or thins, giving your shirt a disproportionate shape.

Using pure cotton gives your skin the necessary ventilation, is durable and can be washed easily. There are different types of cotton too. The Sea Island, Ring-spun, and Egyptian cotton are all better than the average cotton in comfort and softness.

Quality T-shirts for women have a higher thread weight. Anything between 30/s and 40/s is appropriate for a quality product.

Most of the basic women T-shirts from Arlo Blue have 35/s as the thread weight.

●    Overall Fit

Body type and proportion play a huge role in determining your fit for quality T-shirts. Manufacturers consider different body types when making quality tees. When choosing the right fit, go for T-shirts that compliment your body.

The baseline for fit tees for women is the “Slim Fit,” which cures at the waist and preferably for women.

●    Size and Measurements

The measurement and size should be a core factor when going for quality T-shirts. An important tip is ensuring you pick comfort over style. There are lots of stylish tees made by famous manufacturers. But all shirts will stretch over time and lose their face, which is why you should select the comfort first.

●    Stitching and Seams

The stitchings are one of the most significant markers of a quality tee. Some of the areas like the sleeves, collars, and hems are the places you should check. If you see loose threads, probably those aren’t the quality tees you’re looking to buy.

The seams are also worth considering too. Run your palms down the side of the tee, top of the shoulders, and round the sleeves. There should be only one line of stitches running through those lines. However, many basic women’s T-shirts from Arlo Blue have an extra line for maximum care.

Other places to check for include: sewing on the buttons, buttonholes (if they’re correctly cut out), pocket linings for loose threads, and the zipper region (if the shirt has).

●    Pricing

While the price of a T-shirt may not necessarily be a direct indication of the quality of a shirt, many of the well-known brands for quality tees have many quality assurance procedures in place to ensure they deliver only quality tees.

These processes are responsible for high prices and can shake your budget too.

Different T-Shirt Styles for Women

1.   The Crewnecks

These T-shirts have a round circular neck, which is flexible and can be used for different purposes. You could wear it as a standalone or as an undergarment. As a classic boss chic, you could go for the crewneck under a blazer or a slip dress.

A sports or plain bra will be suitable for the crewneck. You could also go bold with no bra under to make a statement. For this, please go for thick, free-size shirts to avoid see-through.

2.   V-Neck

Some of the top tees have a neck shaped like a letter V. These tees are multi-purpose as they can make you look tall, slim-fit to adjust to your body type and make you look sexier.

You can top it with a blazer or a V-neck sweater. However, the neckline should not fall below the armpit region, as showing too much bust may look unprofessional.

3.   Boat Necklines

These tees are shaped like the V-neck, except that the neckline runs almost across the collarbone. They’re primarily suitable with a striped material rather than plain fabric. If you have small shoulders with a pear-shaped body, you should try this type.

4.   Polos

Polos come in different designs. There’s the collar and placket with buttons and without buttons. Most polos use higher and wider cotton threads, making them heavier than the crewnecks. Although polos are generally considered unisex, there are unique designs for women with narrow shoulders, short slides, broad chest regions, and bottom flares.

You can rock the polo as formal wear or for the golf and tennis courts. Some of the basic tees women wear are polos.

women wear T-shirt

5.   Crop Tops

Also known as the midriff top, it’s designed to show off your flat abdomen. The crop tops are designed to look sexy and best for a night out at the beach and in sports.


Many T-shirts have the feel of quality, especially when you’re buying for the first time. There are many factors to consider when going for a high-quality basic T-shirt to show off your body type. It’s preferable to try a shirt on before purchasing it, but conditions like online shopping may be a stumbling block, even though many of them put a shirt size catalog.

Be sure to follow the tips to get the best quality tees that can last you for a long time and bring out your beautiful shape. You can experiment with many styles to see what fits.


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