Human health is quite delicate. In no time, you might find yourself in a situation that calls for urgent medical attention. In most cases, you will call 911 for an ambulance. However, what happens next is known to a few. For example, where do paramedics take you after that? And, can you dictate to the hospital that the ambulance will take you? If you find yourself thinking hard about the answers to these questions, fret not. Here are the frequently asked questions regarding emergency medical care.

In case of a medical emergency, can you do anything?

When you notice that someone has breathing problems, choking, severe vomiting, non-stop bleeding, or vomiting blood, you should act fast to save the life. First, you will stay calm before calling your local emergency number(911). Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone’s voice command.

 If you are using a smartphone, you will use a software assistant. To get help using the software, you will use a command like an er near me, and the device will use GPS to locate you and call the nearest response team. After that, you can start resuscitation (CPR) if you know the process and are sure it’s necessary. You will then place the person in a recovery position as you wait for the ambulance.

Where do paramedics take you after responding to your emergency call?

Theoretically, the paramedics should take you to the nearest health facility. The hospital where the ambulance takes you depends on the automatic setting of the 911 call system. The coordinator mandated that evenly distributing patients among the regional hospitals decide which one you go to. However, the paramedics will report conditions that need immediate and specialized medical attention in some cases. In such a case, you will go to the nearest facility.

How long will you wait for my turn?

The time it takes before you get attended to by a doctor depends on your condition and the situation. You might take longer if your condition isn’t life-threatening while other patients are in worse conditions. In case of an accident or terror attack, health facilities tend to be overwhelmed by multiple casualties. In such moments it might take long too, depending on the available medical practitioners.

Is there a phone you can use to communicate with friends and family?

Yes, there is a phone that you can use to call your friends or family. If you cannot communicate, a doctor or nurse can inform the immediate family member or spouse about your condition and location. However, for visitation, the happens 7:am to 7:pm but can be changed by nurse manager or designee.


Thanks to technology, you can easily use commands like caller near me to get an emergency response and save a life or yours. However, it would be best to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding a medical emergency. It will help you know how the paramedics operate and know that you can’t direct the professionals to a hospital of your choice. But, the paramedics will help you in the best way possible while you are in transit.


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