Whether it is a clothing brand or an electronics shop, a consistent and affordable energy supply is essential for business operations. If you compare business energy rates with domestic charges, you will find that the former is cheaper. However, businesses are also liable for additional costs that domestic citizens do not have to bear. In the UK, for example, registered companies pay an extra 20% in value-added taxes, whereas citizens pay only 5%. Different energy suppliers offer various pricing schemes and services. However, finding the best fit that helps you keep overheads costs low is not an easy job. If you are paying too much or are tired of unavailable customer support, it may be time to switch the supplier.

Changing the suppliers midway can disrupt your business operations and cause some inconvenience. However, by signing a contract with a more credible supplier, you can solve your persistent problems. These are four things that signal you need to change your energy supplier.

You Are Paying Too Much

Whether the energy supply is affordable may be a subjective observation based on your budget. It is a valid reason to switch suppliers since you need resources that suit your needs. But even if you are capable of affording the current costs, it is thoughtful to check the market rates. Your supplier should not scam you by charging outside the standard bracket. Likewise, an energy supply that costs too low can also be a red flag. For instance, the company may not have a licence. Some suppliers engage in predatory pricing to escape quality checks.

Your Contract is Ending

If your contract ends and you fail to take any action, it can have high costs for your business. After the expiry of the currency contract, you move to a deemed contract by default. The tariffs and taxes it charges are much higher. So, if you find unusually high bills in recent months, check whether your contract is still valid. Before its ending date, most suppliers send a notice about the window period. During this time, you are free to negotiate a new deal. Finding a cheaper plan on time will help you avoid the default high costs later.

Your Supplier Does Not Consider Your Individual Circumstances

If your energy supplier insists on a standard one-size-fits-all plan, your business deserves better. Many companies factor into account the unique circumstances of your business and then tailor the plan accordingly. These variables include the size and nature of the business, environmental considerations, and the possibility of a dual-fuel supply. Thus, switching to reputable suppliers that asses your individual needs can help you secure notable savings.

Customer Support is Not Adequate

Suppose you receive a shockingly high bill and suspect there has been a miscalculation. If the customer support team does not respond to your emails or calls and the payment deadline passes, you would find yourself in a very frustrating situation. Non-supportive providers that are not open to feedback will leave dissatisfied with the service overall. National energy regulators also advise switching to better suppliers in such circumstances.


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