Let’s have Forsage Reviewed! Forsage.io, which is a Smart Contract Ether earnings program, a money-making machine, or ponzi pyramid? Let’s learn from the basis.

Forsage in COVID-19 Locokdown – the Only Hope?

The current situation of the world has become so distressing that massive depression is lurking around everywhere because of timely, permanent, or smart lockdowns around the globe. Markets have been shut down, industries have drowned, and businesses are facing continuous loss.

People still have to earn their bread but there hasn’t been any chance to earn enough for keeping the life cycle going on. Work from home jobs has become limited as well because there was no work left. Clients started to cancel orders and companies couldn’t afford to pay their employees. Just when all this was happening, someone came up with the idea of creating a platform and then left if decentralized for local public all over the world to invest and earn.

Yes, we are talking about the Forsage crypto earning program that has taken over the world like fire in the bushes. This work from home earning program has become the beacon of hope for so many unemployed people who awaited for a miracle in these hard times.

Forsage Changing Ways – the Future?

Forsage has changed the dynamics of easy earning with smart investments. Nowadays Forsage is the only talk of the town and you will hear everyone discussing how they are making thousands of dollars from home. Even the social media platforms are covering to story and making it a highlight so that more people can earn from it.

Forsage promises to make your investment double or even triple by its Smart Contract based automatic system, while you just have to invest a small amount (0.05 Eth) to start up your venture.

This cryptocurrency earning program is definitely the next big thing because it is now the major attraction for everyone including investors, businessmen, public, and reviewers.

Today, we are here to provide you with an in-depth research-based review that carries everything that you need to know about the Forsage program. Continue reading the article and you’ll know the itsy-bitsy of what it is all about.

What Is Forsage?

Forsage.io is a Smart Contract based ether gifting program in which you can easily invest by buying slots and earn through with and without referrals while working from home.

Introduction Video

In this time of the pandemic, the popularity of Forsage is growing with every passing hour because more people are now willing to become a part of it. The program, based on Ethereum Smart Contract, is flexible immutable and decentralized (DeFi) that makes it easy to use, but daunting as well. However, the Smart contract on which the whole program works keep your withdrawals and savings safe.

The authenticity of the safety is yet to be comprehended because you can never be sure of anything unless you are involved in it. You need Ethers to invest in this program that allows you to earn more by doubling up your amount with the help of a referral program. You might have heard other marketing scams and frauds like MLM, but this one is said to be different than that.

Although Forsage claims a zero-risk factor, you have to take the risk as the program is still new and yet to be identified as legal or scam.

Who Owns Forsage | Decentralized?

This is one of the most confusing things about Forsage that makes it sound less trustworthy somehow, but for many, it is the reason for trust.

It is for sure that if there is a company, there must be an owner. However, for Forsage, things are not as simple. There is information that a group or a team came up with the idea, created the company, and then left it decentralized on blockchain automation.

The apparent motive behind taking these steps seems like social work but is that really so? It is yet to be answered. When you join the platform, you are allowed to see other people’s structures and earning methods as no major source is running the company. It is you and the other people investing in the company that is the real operators to keep the company functional.

The only thing you see is to earn somehow by EtherScane.io (where the project is registered) who earns most of the gas charges (network fee in other words) from the Forsage Smart Contract.

The Factors It Is Based On

After reading the ownership confusion of the Forsage Company, you will surely have a lot of questions hovering through your mind. There is a lot to discuss and a lot to answer when we are talking about this grand earning program.

One thing is for sure that you need surety and guarantee of the safety and reliability of any program where your money is at stake. With Forsage, the best part is that you don’t have to risk a greater amount.

Just 0.05 Ethers that cost almost 10 to 12 US dollars (as for July 31, 2020) according to the current rate. There are companies demanding hundreds of dollars and then they vanish like Poof! Forsage works systematically and is based on several impressive factors described below:

I. Smart Contract

Forsage works on a smart contract that binds you with your referrals or any other party with the help of computer code. With this contract, 2 parties agree upon a decentralized system of earning and transactions. The contract runs on blockchain technology that gives you the benefit of being your own boss.

II. Crown Funding

Because this program is created by the people for the people, it features a crown funding technique. Individuals independently invest and get funding from other investors through which both parties earn.

III.  BlockChain

Blockchain technology works in a way so that no one can change, duplicate, or hack the system. It works by creating a block network by generating numerous codes that keep a record of all the investments and transactions of the members.

IV.  Marketing Type Matrix

This system focuses on the marketing matrix that is sort of a referral program. You join Forsage, refer it to more people. Once they become your recruitment, you automatically become the upline of those new investors.

V.  Ethereum

Ethereum is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency technology after Bitcoin. Forsage uses Ethereum based Ether as a currency as well as a reward & gifting system for the business network.

How to Register or Join Forsage?

One of the major reasons why Forsage is continuously hyping is that anyone can join it easily. You don’t need to fill up lengthy information forms.

You don’t have to provide your bank details, payment records, your name, identity, and guarantees. With just an amount of as small as 0.05 Ethers, you can become a part of this earning platform.

You have to download the Trust Wallet App (a binance.com authorized wallet) from the google play store where all your earnings will be kept safe. MetaMask is another wallet that you can use on your desktop, but for the people with SmartPhone or iPhone, the Trust Wallet is the name you must remember.

Important: Both wallets are used by Forsage because of their DApps feature.

Once you have successfully created your wallet, you can buy and create your own slot among the 12 given slots on the website. You can buy more than one slot that will help you earn more. As the slots progress, the buying price also increases and so does your chance to earn twice or thrice times more. For more details, you can read the article how to activate forsage account step by step.

How Does It Work?

To understand the plan of the working mechanism of Forsage, you must have a deep understanding of the plan.

Many people are still confused about the matrix positioning, and how the income is generated with spills, X3, and X4 positions. Till now, you have learned that you have to pay 0.05 Ethers to the company as your starting investment.

When your initial payment reaches the system, it divides the amount to two further positions. 0.05 ETH is further divided into half. It means that 0.025 ETH will be granted to each slot. Let us see how both these positions work and help you earn.

a) X3 Position

The structure of the X3 position has 3 slots for example A, B, and C. As you know that Forsage works on a referral structure and as soon as you create your ID, you have to refer it to others to create and upline for your profit.

The value of first slot of X3 is 0.025. When you provide your first direct referral A, a 100% commission gets back to you. The second referral B will also earn you 100% commission of your investment that is 0.025. However, when the third referral C joins the system, the commission will directly go to your sponsor as the third slot is a recycle slot. It means that you earn twice what you invested.

b) X4 Position

The X4 position works automatically with the A referral slot by default. The first position can be your direct referral or it can also come from the upline or downline sponsors.

As soon as the first position is filled, your sponsor gets an instant commission of 0.025 from the first slot, irrespective of whether the referral was direct or spill. The B slot also works the same way.

The C, D, and E slots are the areas where you start generating income. As soon as these slots get filled you get 100% commission on each. The F slot is the recycle position slot and its income also gets passed on to the sponsor. With the X4 position, you earn 0.075ETH which is more than double what you initially invested.

A table below is crafted to provide further details into the X3 and X positions and the other slots that can make your journey with Forsage more lucrative.

Forsage X3

X3 Image of ID:666077

Forsage X4

X4 Image of ID: 666077

X3 is your working slot while X4 is a non-working slot. When you buy a slot on x3, you have to buy one from x4 as well because this is how the spill works.

All the 12 slots work on the same matrix as described above and you can buy them directly as well as with your income earned. Remember, if one of your referrals buys a new slot before you do, he will earn the direct commission, not you.

Who Can Join Forsage.io?

If you are thinking of investing Forsage, but you aren’t sure about your eligibility, we have good news for you. Forsage is a company that is now 100% decentralized. There is no need to waste your time in searching who can apply, join, or invest in Forsage.

This is a global earning program that is distributed among a network of computers. You can easily visit Forsage.io and click the Join Now tab to book your slot and start investing to earn. The only conditions that you need to fulfill are that

  • You must have a computer/laptop
  • You must have a working internet
  • 0-05 Ethereum for investing
  • Trust Wallet or Metamask installed  in your smartphone or laptop

Matrix Of Earning In Forsage

You must be thinking if there are any other earning methods in Forsage because every online earning platform has more than one way for user convenience. When looking for answers, we bet that no one will tell you the detailed procedure of all the earning methods in Forsage. Currently, all that people know is that is a complete referral program that is no doubt the major earning source for joining this system. The referral earning is easier, less time taking, and reliable which is why it is more popular. Let us see what other ways there are at Forsage.

1. Overflow From Superiors

After the instant cash out referral system, the next one is the upline spill. It means that you can get a direct 100% commission from your superior or sponsor if their referrals are overflowed. The referrals will automatically be attached to your slots, but you have to wait for it to happen in the first place.

2. Overflow From Downstream

If you have successfully created a downstream team through referring, then the investments from the down line will directly come to you as a commission because you will automatically become their upline.

3. Auto-Cycles

The original cycle matrix continues when your referrals are also following the same cycle as you did by buying x3 and x4. The more profit they get, its 100% commission will get back to you.

4. Instant Overtakes

If an instant overtaking happens and someone overtakes any slot from your down line, its 100% commission will be paid to you.

5. Reinvestments

Reinvestment happens when one of your down lines buy a new slot. Although it doesn’t pay you regularly, the initial commission of purchasing the slot will be given to you as you are their upline sponsor.

6. Ethereum Price Appreciation

The more Ethereum you have in your Trust wallet, the higher are your chances to earn a profit.

Profit Probability and Scale Possibility

In Forsage, you can earn with or without referrals. In X3, you need to create referrals, however, if X4, you can purchase as many as slots to earn as much as passive income from passive spills coming from places you don’t know.

Following are the probabilities and possibilities you can earn regularly after a month.

FORSAGE Earnings Per Level-Spot x3 After Reinvest

Level 1 $12
Level 2 $24
Level 3 $48
Level 4 $96
Level 5 $193
Level 6. $386
Level 7 $772
Level 8 $1,544
Level 9 $3,088
Level 10 $6,175
Level 11 $12,353
Level 12. $24,704

Total: $49,395 Saving

FORSAGE Earnings Per Level-Spot x4 Saving after Reinvest

Level 1 $18
Level 2 $36
Level 3 $72
Level 4 $144
Level 5 $289
Level 6 $579
Level 7 $1,159
Level 8 $2,318
Level 9 $4,635
Level 10 $9270
Level 11 $18,544
Level 12. $37,080

Total: $74,144 Saving

However, if you want to achieve all these results, you need to join a stronger team. Because the stronger your unline is, higher the chances of passive spills are!

How Safe Your Investments Are?

The safety of your investments and earnings is still a question that has no answer. To say that Forsage is unreliable and fake without using it would be unfair that is why we have collected data based on user experience.

The first thing to note here is that the cycle matrix of Forsage being 1×3 and 2×2 makes it so easy to work if only you have enough people to trust your plan.

Remember that you need your referrals prepared because of the instant referring scheme. If you fail to do so, you won’t get any commission; however, your sponsor will get the profit as soon as you join. To know if this system really works, you need to refer instantly.

The next thing is the structure that Forsage follows. When the company was introduced, it claimed that it didn’t feature any pyramid scheme, but when you look at the mechanism closely you will see how it works.

When you join the scheme, the initial profit directly goes to your sponsor and your referrals become your downstream. So, in a way, it works almost like a pyramid that is a chain coming down from the upline.

Forsage isn’t registered all over the globe, but the structure of the network is extremely safe. The best part is that you are never alone in this venture. There is always someone to sponsor you and there are people whom your sponsor that makes this system easily trustworthy.

The general response of the public about this sort of website and company are never too trusting. If we look at the other side of the pictures where people are talking about this earning program on every social media platform and making videos on it, we feel obliged to try it. By far, no scam has reported about Forsage, but the major trust issues are related to the ownership and registration of the company.

Let us tell you another fact: If a company isn’t safe for your investments, you get to know it in the initial stages. Looking at the brighter side, the first investment amount is so minimal that you won’t be at loss by any chance. You only have to invest 0.05 Ethereum that is almost $10. So, If you feel that it is not safe, you can back off right away.

Does It Compensate You

Forsage has no compensation plan if you delete your account, but do it only if you are sure that you are going nowhere with this network. The earning plan works as a direct compensation plan.

This plan actually compensates you for referring more people and helping the system grow. As described earlier. The X3 and X4 slots are there and you have to make your own downstream team to earn. The 1×3 slot has 3 positions in which 1 goes to your upline.

1×4 expands to further positions in which commission of 2 slots and 1 recycle slot goes up to your sponsor while the other slots give you 100% commission. Earning in x3 is direct and instant whereas x4 commissions take time.

Benefits Of Investing in Forsage

The most highlighting feature of Forsage is that it is currently the only decentralized earning program that is open to the world. Anyone can join, invest, and earn with this program. People are bind by smart contracts into this network that moves further in a blockchain to enhance the network in size.

1. No Hierarchy

To bring cryptocurrency in the eyes of the public around the world, Forsage features a non-hierarchal system based on smart contracts and decentralized operations so that no member will feel bound to any of the upline. All the members are connected yet independent in their earnings.

2. Zero-Risk Factor

You are the one executing your plan and no one has the power to invade your system or the payments that you get. There are no deductions and the minimum initial investment automatically cuts down the risk to zero.

3. You Are Your Own Boss

You are not answerable or accountable to any of the operations going on the platform. Everyone who is a part of Forsage is his own boss and earn independently without any interruptions.

4. Instant Earning

As soon as you join Forsage, you start earning right away. All you have to do is fill up the empty slots with your referrals instantly, and you start earning. Not only that, but you also get instant cashouts as well.

5. Small Investment And Bigger Profits

We have already discussed how you earn double with the x3 position matrix and more than double with the x4 position. In x3, you get the commission of 0.05 ETH on a 0.025 slot whereas you get 0.75 ETH on the x4 position.

Is It Legal or A Scam?

To understand the legitimacy of Forsage and smart contracts, one must have to dive into the puddle to see the results. Although this network is has a widespread influence around the globe, you cannot use it in the Philippines.

SEC has strictly reported that they haven’t registered the platform in the country and anyone promoting the network can be sentenced to 21 years of jail. Other than that, countries like the US have a huge acceptance towards new and easy ways of earning, which is why the question of its legitimacy is emerging more frequently.

Apparently, ForsageIO look safe, reliable, and an easy way to earn. This is a time where people are in dire need to earn enough so that they can run their households. You have to give it a try to believe it. Unlike other investment programs, this network doesn’t demand a larger amount that makes it easier for you to take a step.

Final Verdict

No one wants to waste their time, money, and energy into things that do not pay off. Ever since this pandemic has hit the world massive stress and depression have emerged due to unemployment and losses in businesses.

Forsage is an effort to bring back your lives to normal. If it is really not a scam, which we hope that it isn’t, investing as little as 0.05 Ethereum won’t hurt you.

If it really works for you, it will be easier and less stressful to provide for your family because the way of its popularity is making it clear that it is the next big thing!


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