Have you already purchased a standing desk? We believe you know about its amazing benefits. Among the most important advantages of using a height-adjustable desk, we can distinguish those for health.

With a standing desk, you:

  • Will forget about constant and sometimes strong pains in the back and neck;
  • Get rid of migraines that seemed to never end;
  • Will finally win the constant fight with weight gain that was advancing doesn’t matter what you do and how much you try.

However, we shall tell you something: just using a new desk isn’t sufficient to feel these benefits asap. To improve your health and eliminate sitting-related health issues, you need to exercise.

Addressing your back and neck pain would be a top priority in this case since our spinal system is very crucial. Iron Neck is a device you may look into to improve your neck strength and endure longer working hours behind the desk.

You can do physical exercises without any need to interrupt your work if you use a height-adjustable desk. Desk options you can check by link if you still don’t have the mentioned furniture piece. Some of them, you can do in a sitting position, and for others, you would need to get up.

Exercises for Beginners

If you are just starting, and aren’t in the best physical condition, you can start with simple exercises. Later, when you feel that they aren’t sufficient anymore, you can advance with a more complex workout. Thus, let us start with the simplest exercises that will change your life:

  • Lifts on toes: in a standing position, slowly, lift on your toes. Wait 5-10 seconds, and slowly, stand up on your feet. Repeat as many times as you feel comfortable. This exercise shall not cause pain. If it does, you do something in the wrong way.
  • Leg lifts: this exercise is done in a sitting position. Sit in your chair comfortably. The back is supported with a chair back. Hold with hands on the chair edges. Slowly, stretch one leg forward. Count until 10, bring the leg in its initial position. Repeat the same with the other leg. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times depending on how you feel.

Exercises for More Advanced Users

You might not be able to do these exercises right away or you might repeat them once or twice only. Don’t worry, with time, they will be easy for you. And for now, do what you can without stressing yourself. 

  • The most popular exercise among the users of standing desks is push-ups. You don’t need to look for a clean place to do them. Adjust the desk to the needed height and use it as support to do push-ups. 
  • Lifts from a chair are for more advanced users. Sit down on your chair. Put your hands behind your back, hold onto the chair. Slowly move down by holding onto the chair. Once you feel that movement has reached the limit, slowly, move to the initial position. 

Don’t forget that every exercise shall not cause any discomfort or pain. Once you feel that it becomes unpleasant or painful, stop doing the exercise. Otherwise, it might lead to serious trauma instead of health improvement.

Start with the easiest workout and little by little, add more complex elements. With time, you will see amazing results. 


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