Essentials about Kodi Setup and Using Best Free VPN for Netflix

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Kodi was initially known in the name of XBMC back in the previous decade, which then acted as the favorite online content streaming application. Now Kodi is one of the most user-friendly and top-grossing media centers, which features an impressive range of content of various genres.

XBMC was the short form of the Xbox Media Center, one thing many people are familiar with. There had been different versions of Kodi that came out in the last server years up to the latest version now of Kodi V18 Leia. Here is an overview of Kodi’s history.

  • XBMC v8.10 Atlantis in 2008
  • XBMC v9.04 Babylon in 2009
  • XBMC v9.11 Camelot in 2009
  • XBMC v10.0 Dharma in 2010
  • XBMC v11.0 Eden in 2012
  • XBMC v12.0 Frodo in 2013
  • XBMC v13.0 Gotham in 2014
  • Kodi v14.0 Helix in 2014
  • Kodi v15.0 Isengard in 2015
  • Kodi v16.0 Jarvis in 2016
  • Kodi v17.0 Krypton in 2017
  • Kodi v18.0 Leia in 2018

Based on the specific device user has, you can adopt various methods for the Kodi setup. The users can go to the page to see the latest version of Kodi for download. Android-based smartphone users can find the Kodi app on the Play Store too. It is so simple to download the Kodi APK and install it on your device.

On installing Kodi, you can see the various categories on the home page itself as Movies, TV Shows, Videos Music, Music Videos, TV, Radio, Pictures, Weather, and several other add-ons, etc. You can also choose the skin to change various categories and keep which you need and remove the rest to customize it.

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Best free Netflix VPNs

Netflix offers a vast number of titles in its libraries; however, most of them are copyright protected. With this, you will have limitations to watching it at all-region; however, using a good VPN can help you effectively overcome this shortfall.

Here are a few Top VPN Providers options in the best free VPN for Netflix, which will help you seamlessly view the content.

CyberGhost: A top VPN choice that is available for a budget price. It works simply well but may not unblock all available Netflix streams.

PrivateVPN: It is also a fast and smooth VPN choice, which operates with an impressive server network, offering unlimited access to Netflix.

Surfshark: Known as a highly secured and fast option, Surfshark VPN is now used by many users globally. You can get access to Netflix for unlimited content through its servers.

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Some other top VPN options to the club with Netflix are HideMyAss for easy access, ExpressVPN to get content of Netflix US, UK, AUS, CA, and more, as well as NordVPN for a fast and reliable Netflix experience.

Kodi Setup

On the Kodi Context menu, check for extra features and functions based on the screen you are on. To access the Context menu, users need to right-click the mouse or do a long press on an Android device. Use the Menu button if you use the Amazon Firestick. It is easy to choose the subfolders and rename those to customize Kodi for personal use. Once the installation and setup are over, each user can start building their custom library on Kodi by adding their favorite titles.

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