Rice is one of those rare carbs that are eaten everywhere around the globe. It’s easy to cook, and it goes well with all kinds of foods, including veggies, meat, soups, stews, and many others. Most people think that boiling rice is the same as cooking it, but this is far from the truth.

Cooking rice the right way depends on the temperature, amount of water added, and rice type. If you don’t mix things correctly, the rice can be too hard or mushy. But what is better for cooking rice – a rice cooker or a cheap microwave rice cooker? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you which device cooks faster and which one uses less energy.

Rice Cooker VS. Microwave Rice Cooker

To see which of these appliances consumes less energy when cooking rice, we first have to explain the differences between them. Here’s a quick overview of both devices.

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is a kitchen appliance designed to cook only rice. It provides perfect results every time, and it usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes to cook the rice. That makes it an ideal choice for preparing rice if you are having more than a few guests, as you only have to pour the rice and water inside to start cooking.

It’s important to know that there are many different types of rice cookers. Some of them are very expensive, while others are cheap and less reliable. Some run on gas, but most of them are electric appliances. The latter option is much more comfortable and convenient to use.

Benefits Of Using A Rice Cooker

Rice cookers provide a few benefits that will make things easier in the kitchen. Here’s a quick overview of the things you can expect to get when using this appliance.

  1. Ideal for cooking a breakfast – Rice cookers can double as steamers, making them an excellent choice for preparing a hot breakfast. You can use it to steam veggies, heat up cereal, and generally make things easier in the kitchen.
  2. Automatic sensors – Some more advanced rice cookers have automatic sensors that cook the food to perfection. Once you put the rice and water inside, and the device will do the rest without you having to keep an eye on the progress.
  3. Perfect results every time – Rice cookers are designed to make cooking rice as simple and easy as possible. They come with advanced features that prevent overcooking, allowing you to get the best possible results every time.
  4. Prepare risotto without stirring – Cooking risotto on the stove usually means that you’ll have to stir it a lot to prevent overcooking. You can use a rice cooker to make the best risotto in less than 25 minutes without stirring the ingredients at all.

Microwave Rice Cooker

A microwave rice cooker is another appliance designed to make cooking rice easier. Unlike traditional rice cookers made from durable metal and plastic components, microwave rice cookers are made almost entirely from plastic.

It’s a straightforward device that cuts the time needed to cook rice in half. It’s also much more convenient than traditional stove cooking, as it provides better results and prevents overcooking. It’s widely used by students and people who don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy meal. It can also help you steam vegetables and other foods.

Benefits Of Using A Microwave Rice Cooker

Naturally, microwave rice cookers also provide certain benefits that make it a contender for your kitchen. Here’s a quick overview of the things you can expect to get when using this device:

  1. Convenience – Microwave rice cookers are super-convenient. All you have to do is to add the rice to the pot, and the device will do the rest.
  2. Time-saving – Most microwave rice cookers cut the cooking time in half when compared to traditional rice cooking.
  3. Easy to clean – When you’re done with the cooking, all you have to do is to place the pot inside a dishwasher, and you can use it again once it’s clean.
  4. Energy efficiency – Since a microwave rice cooker takes only a few minutes to cook the rice, it uses less energy than most other options.

Energy Consumption

To answer which device uses the least amount of energy, we have to consider the cooking time for both. A rice cooker is much more effective than traditional stove cooking because it provides results much faster. That means that it uses less energy to provide the same results.

On the other hand, microwave rice cooking is more efficient than traditional stove cooking, even though water absorbs 89% of the energy. The bottom line is that microwave rice cooking uses only 50% of the energy you need for stove cooking.

Both methods are very efficient, but the device that takes the least time to cook rice is the most energy-efficient. Electric rice cookers consume the least power as they cook rice 5 to 7 minutes faster than microwave rice cookers.

The Bottom Line

Both of these devices provide perfect results when cooking rice, but if you’re looking for a device that uses the least energy, then go with an electric rice cooker. Its energy consumption is on par with a microwave rice cooker, but it uses the least energy since it provides faster results.


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