Organic things are very good for human health because they clean the human body and skin. Today’s world is dealing with a busy lifestyle and inorganic junk food consumption both things are lethal for human health. Esitria izvor zdravlja will bring the solution to all your problems our company produces natural medicine and distribute it worldwide for the complete cure of man illness through nature. We struggled very hard for the previous 10 years. We hired highly qualified staff you can contact with our consultants and take advices. Eistria writes and researches for you.

Holistic liver cleansing

The liver is a vital organ in the body it cleanses impurities from the body and detoxifies it. If you want to maintain your health in a good shape take care of your liver. Holistic liver cleansing is very good for your health and functions.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a tiny little important product you have in your kitchen. You can use it for medication and self-care. It possesses mind-blowing effects on human health. You can have natural apple cider vinegar from us.

Helicobacter pylori diet

Pylori is a disease caused by gram-negative bacteria it can cure through antibiotics but excessive use of antibiotics can be dangerous. You can cure this through a diet that contains healthy green veggies i.e:

  • broccoli
  • Citrus and onion
  • Garlic
  • yogurt
  • ginger
  • ginseng
  • Cranberries
  • Green tea

Include all the green stuff in your food and make your gut healthy. You can contact us at the given numbers.

We will provide you enormous knowledge about different herbal remedies. We share a whole database of different vegetables and herbal medicines.

You find various diet plans and research on different herbs and vegetables. You can research there about beauty products and health products.

Medical tourism for you

Medical tourism has a very positive effect on the body and mind. It refreshes a person from the inside out.

Some treatment methods cannot be achieved in the country where you are resident some time we refer our consultant to a different destination like Cuba USA Turkey etc. we will refer you to renowned experts in the field of medicine

 we leave to the expert’s things which are not familiar to us or we don’t have knowledge about them, so feel free to contact us with a problem that is not unsolvable.

Take a look at some recommended countries. Some of the destinations can offer you much better quality and cheaper service than in your country.


Turkey has a large number of medical professionals. They are highly into their work most amazing thing is that they offer you European quality medical treatment but charge you very little as compared to other European countries.


The USA is heaven when we consider health treatment. They have highly qualified and skilled health professionals which are safe for their clients. They have advance medical technology for disease cure. We highly recommend our clients to the USA.


Some people are only cured through homeopathic treatment. Cuba is the center of homeopathic medicine and treatment.


It’s a European country with high standards of health care and treatment. They offer an amazing health cure program and health centers are there.


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