Dram shops are a legal turn for those establishments that serve alcohol and covers bars, pubs, restaurants, and other establishments.

Every state has dram shop liability laws said an attorney from TEXAS LIQUOR LAW – Monshaugen& Van Huff that say that these establishments or dram shops are responsible if they serve alcohol to persons when they are already visibly intoxicated.

The laws also cover the restriction of serving alcohol to minors and also preventing from sharing drinks that are served to adults.

In many cases, visibly drunk people commit a DUI offense, and can even cause accidents.

Why Do You Need a Dram Shop Lawyer

In all such cases, as per dram shop laws, the establishment that has served the liquor can also be held liable and asked to pay compensation in cases of accidents and property damage or medical expenses resulting from the accident.

That is why it makes sense for families of people involved in a drunk driving accident to find a dram shop lawyer who is conversant with the relevant laws and can obtain compensation for its victims.

Establishments have been known to prevent visibly drunk patrons of their establishment from driving and even providing them the required transportation to prevent this.

It can also make sense for establishments that are covered under the dram shops regulations to clearly understand their responsibilities under the dram shop laws in the state where they operate and sensitize their employees about the need to keep within the bounds of the law.

Aspects Of The Dram Shop Law

Under dram shop laws, a person who is intoxicated is not held completely responsible for damages caused by any of his actions, and the establishment that has served the liquor that has led to the intoxication has to take responsibility as well.

The laws are especially severe in cases where accidents are caused by people under the legal age, who have been served by the dram shops.

In such cases, dram shop lawyers will prefer to go after the establishment that has served the liquor, rather than the person who has caused the accident.

Find An Experienced Lawyer

You will find lawyers who specialize in DUI cases. 

They are also well conversant with dram shop laws and can then arrange for the maximum compensation by serving notices to the establishments that have served the liquor that has led to the accident.

As per these laws, minors who have been served liquor by establishments can also sue it for serving them drinks that have caused them to be involved in accidents. It is not only car accidents, but any damage caused by intoxicated persons that are also the liability of the dram shop.


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