Does Timing Belt Affect Transmission?

Toyota Chain Belt

The worst nightmare of a driver is his engine making weird sounds in the middle of the traffic. These abnormal sounds really give us Goosebumps because they are the signals that your engine is going to give up soon at any time.

Even though various factors can cause these whining and ticking engine sounds. Yet, there are two major important components of the engine that are the major reason behind these irregular sounds

  • A Timing Belt
  • Transmission

According to some people: these ticking sounds are produced as a result of the timing belt messing up with the transmission, though they are not 100% sure about that, they just share what they think. But does the timing belt really affect the transmission? If you ask this question to a mechanic, his answer would be quite different from the rest.

So if you too wanna know whether a timing belt can cause transmission problems or not, then keep reading this article, you will surely get your answer.

But before understanding the relation between timing belt and transmission, it would be much better to revise these two components first. 

What is the Timing Belt?

Despite the fact that the timing belt has an important role in the proper functioning of the engine, still, people don’t give it much importance. This is because they think that it is just a worthless and useless thing that has no important role. And that’s where they make their biggest mistake because the timing belt is the only reason behind a smoothly running engine.

The timing belt is either a rubber or a metallic chain that connects the engine’s crankshaft with its camshaft thus synchronizing the two and controlling opening and closing of valves and pistons. That’s why whenever the timing belt jumps off or slipped from the engine, the car suddenly stops because of a lack of synchronization between the parts of the engine.   

What is Transmission?

The transmission plays an important role in bringing the output of the internal combustion engine. Transmission is the machine that is generally used for controlling the power applications like gears, clutches and prop shafts, etc. another name used for transmission is the gearbox. The transmission also helps a lot in bringing the high speed of the engine to lower wheel speed and thus increasing the torque produced during the process  

Timing Belt and Transmission

Now, after going through the proper understanding of timing belts and transmission, along with their structure, uses, and functions, we came across the knowledge that timing belts and transmission are not directly related to each other.

Though they do accompany each other to some extent in the proper functioning and working of the engine, the presence or absence of one does not affect the working of the other, nor does the problem or failure of one of them cause the other to stop working. So even if your car has a bad timing belt, you don’t have to change it to “transmission” as it is not going to cause any trouble.

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