Natvisa streamlines and improves the visa application experience by always putting your dreams at priority!

We understand even the most bothersome of consulate policies and the respective government’s guidelines.

Every moment lost to daydreaming about your favorite exotic destinations is a wasted opportunity to actually visit them! At Natvisa, you’re always just one click away from enjoying the magic of vacationing where your heart lies.

Natvisa — Online Visa Service

Natvisa is not just a platform that helps you in obtaining the visa that you want; it, in fact, is a new and improved online visa application experience!

The following pillars of our foundation justify the trust our customers put in us:

·       Experience: Echoing our passion of simplifying the process of online visa application, we now have 7+ years of experience in the visa application business.

·       Reliability: Natvisa is equipped with advanced database management systems which make it safe, secure and reliable.

·       Knowledge: We understand even the trickiest of the embassy policies, and are happy to untangle them for your ease.

·       Perpetual Customer Support: Our A-grade customer support staff is ready, willing and able to work on your concerns 24/7.

·       Cost Effective: We charge just a nominal service fee in addition to the mandatory embassy’s charges.

·       Fastest visa processing service: We proudly boast of being the quickest visa processing platform in the market worldwide!

Is Natvisa Legit?

Well, certainly thousands of people believe so.

Since the beginning of our online visa processing services, many customers have chosen to invest their trust in Natvisa, which has awarded us over 8,500 five-star ratings!

Natvisa’s feedback and review system is powered by Shopper Approved, and all our ratings, reviews and feedback comments are sourced from actual verified customers, who have authentically used Natvisa for their online visa application process.

We pride ourselves in achieving an overall score of 4.8/5 star rating based on about 10,500 customers’ feedback.

Various aspects, such as Natvisa’s customer services, processing time, product & price satisfaction and preference to buy again are rated as high as anyone has ever been rated in the online visa application category. 

So, take it easy and leave the visa application procedure to the professionals. Natvisa is at your service any day of the week to help you visit your dreamlands with ease!

Types of Visa Processed by Natvisa

Natvisa provides a user-friendly interface to ease out the visa complications. We can smoothly process the following three types of visas:

1.   Electronic Visa (eVisa):

An eVisa is a digital visa document that is stored in a database rather than being stamped or glued onto the applicant’s passport.

To process your eVisa through Natvisa, simply fill out the application form and pay the fees.

Your eVisa will be delivered to your email address, of which you’re advised to take a print so as to have it verified with the destination authorities conveniently.

2.   Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA):

An ETA is a travel document required for visa-exempt foreign nationals. The ETA is electronically linked to the traveler’s passport, and is usually valid for up to 5 years or until the passport expires, whichever happens prior. 

The procedure to obtain an ETA is identical to what is mentioned for obtaining an eVisa, except you don’t need to take a print of the ETA document, as it is directly linked to your passport.

3.   Visa on Arrival (VoA): You can also fill out the Visa on Arrival application online at Natvisa, and receive your visa and passport stamp upon your entry at the destination.

What happens if you don’t have a Visa?

If you don’t have a visa or a valid visa, you will either not be allowed to enter the respective country, or positively be granted a visa on arrival — depending on your nationality and the availability of documents.

But if you somehow find your way around a foreign country’s borders without a valid visa or official permission; it is unlawful to stay there.

Depending on the laws of the said country, the authorities can:

·       Impose a fine.

·       Detain and imprison you.

·       Deport you back to your country of origin.

·       Charge you for the cost of deportation and/or stay.

·       Refuse to grant you a visa in the future.

Hence, it is always recommended to get the corresponding visa before entering a country, and Natvisa is the best place for anyone to obtain any visa!

Requirements to Apply for an eVisa

Depending on your nationality and the intended destination country, the requirements to apply for an eVisa may change.

Some countries ask just for your passport as the only required document, whereas other countries might need additional paperwork.

The list of all the possible details and documents you might need to apply for an eVisa, subject to specific visa policies are:

·   Passport: The scanned copies of the first and the last page of your original passport are required to be attached with the application.

However, instead of scanned copies, high quality images of the first and the last page of your passport will also be deemed valid.

In any case, both: the first and last page, are mandatorily demanded.

·   Valid email address: You must have a valid email address for the purpose of receiving the eVisa, which will arrive in the form of a .pdf file.

·   Photographs: Two recent passport sized color photographs, ideally of 35mm x 45mm dimensions may also be required. Usually, you’ll be asked to pose in a non-smiling expression against a plain white background.

·   Bank statements: Original bank statements disclosing your transaction history of the last 6 months, attested by the respective bank official may be needed.

·   Return air tickets: Some countries’ policies might require you to submit the proof of confirmed return air tickets, which should fall in the time duration of about 30 – 90 days from your arrival, depending on the said policies’ criterion.

·   School/college details: Students or children applying for an eVisa via their parents’ account may need to provide a certificate reflecting their accurate school/college details.

By and large, everything you’re required to provide while applying for an eVisa is fairly easy to arrange for.


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