The iGaming industry is developing by leaps and bounds. As Arnold aka Black mentioned in the Android top casino review from Arivoli since 2010 online casinos become available for players in the form of mobile apps. As a result, many people decided to give mobile gambling a try. And 2020 has even contributed to this growth.

When forced isolation took people aback, the world of virtual games became one of the ways to get new emotions. The growth rate of the gambling business is impressive. According to research company H2 Gambling Capital (H2G), the global capitalization of the market amounted to 484 billion dollars in 2019. The iGaming segment is one of the fastest-growing in the gambling market. It accounts for almost 12% of the market share.

The online gaming audience has increased significantly just over a few months.

According to experts, the number of active players has grown by 13-17% since the beginning of 2020. And here, the developers face a challenge as the audience needs more new products and features. Along with new formats and game releases, improved customer support and engagement are highly sought after. In this regard, let’s see how a live chat can help you retain the clients. 

It’s worth noting, however, that it takes some effort to implement this solution in casinos. Especially, chat rooms are not an easy task to use in online Android casinos, but they can efficiently promote the gaming site.

What Is a Chat Room?

The idea to use the Internet for communication did not appear immediately after its advent. Special virtual rooms for communication, so-called chats, appeared only by the 80-90s and quickly gained popularity. Their main characteristic was the instant exchange of messages in real-time between two or more users. The chat got special appeal when it became possible to use small animated pictures (i.e. emoticons) to make messages more emotional. 

Like any other Internet technology, chat has been constantly evolving and becoming more user-friendly. Besides the usual group communication, it is now possible to speak face-to-face in private rooms. If you are annoyed by some users, you can easily ignore them and deactivate their messages. 

For a long time, the chat was almost the only way to communicate remotely for free. This feature attracted many businesses that started to use chat as one of the channels for customer support. And online casinos have also picked up on this trend to attract more users.

How Does a Chat Room Increase Site Audience?

It is not an easy task for a gambling site to attract new players. And it is a real challenge to turn the visitor into a regular client.

Each online casino tries to win over the audience by offering various bonuses and a wide selection of games. But the support service also plays an important role. As it turned out, the more quickly and efficiently the player is assisted, the higher is the level of trust. Players appreciate receiving timely help during the game. Otherwise, they are unlikely to return to this casino.

There are different ways to reach the technical support team: phone, contact form, mail, online chat. But the latter is the most convenient method. Any query or issue can be solved within minutes via live conversation with the operator. The player can instantly get information on promotions, bonuses, rules, technical details, payouts, and other aspects related to casino operation.

It makes the onboarding process a lot easier when a beginner comes to a new casino and there is an online chat. They will get immediate help and will not need to look for additional tools like phone or email. They just need to type in a question and the answer will be provided right on the spot.

Some casino sites provide live gaming. It is exactly a copy of a traditional casino with dealers, characteristic furniture, and sophisticated atmosphere. Сasino dealers professionally coordinate the game, communicate with players in a chat, and maintain the appropriate mood.

Chat Rooms and Players Interaction

Many casino visitors are also looking to make like-minded friends on such platforms. In this case, chat rooms are becoming a place for communication between people from almost all over the world. Users come together to form communities, discuss flaws, exchange game-related information, showcase their skills, or just have a good time. Socializing allows people to interact on related issues. 

Most mobile games also require communication between players. Although online casinos offer users various tools to keep in touch, the chat is the most common. Some online games are referred to as multiplayer games. Most often, these are card games, where participants are sitting at a virtual table. And the possibility to communicate encourages multiplayer gaming. Different groups of players communicate in different chat channels: global chat, personal chat, VIP chats, and many more. Users are able to communicate during the game, share bonuses, like posts of each other.

Chat is a powerful player retention tool. Communication, new friends, and acquaintances — all this makes users come back, even if they are tired of or bored with the gameplay.

Other Ways of Customer Retention

Live chat doesn’t guarantee that a casino resource will be in high demand among users. Experienced players also consider other criteria before proceeding with betting: 

  • License. This is the first thing users check. The licensed site is supervised by a specially designed regulatory commission and it proves that the casino is legit and trustworthy;
  • A wide selection of games from well-known gaming content companies (Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, etc.);
  • Availability of bonuses, affiliate programs, tournaments, and jackpots;
  • A flexible payment system that supports well-known channels: bank transfers, cards, e-payments;
  • Mobile application, which allows accessing a casino from a tablet or phone.

The Internet is full of colorful ads for online gambling clubs. However, the users will always give preference to the site where they feel safe and comfortable. And it can be achieved only through the high-quality communication process with the casino participants. Timely feedback via live chats increases the users’ trust level and provides the casino with the highest rankings.

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